The fear of under performing in bed is known to almost every man. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an inexperienced boy who’s at the beginning of his sexual journey or a man who has been sexually active for many years. The fear is always there.

After all, pressure is real and many different factors can affect a man’s sexual performance both positively and negatively. Unfortunately, there are more negatives than positives. Smoking, alcoholism, substance abuse, stroke, and nerve damage from diabetes and surgery are some of the causes that adversely affect male sexual health. This can be improved by regular exercise and by taking Men’s health supplements that you can order online.

Knowing about them is crucial, and will allow you to take all the necessary precautions. And what are the most common examples of such negative impacts? Let’s find out. Here are seven health issues that can adversely influence a man’s sexual performance.

1. Age

Okay, maybe it’s not a health issue per se, but age has a significant impact on every man’s sexual performance, especially when it comes to endurance and erection.

When you get older, your overall stamina decreases, meaning that your sexual endurance will also be lower. Many older men decide to seek help from various sexual boosters.

Keep in mind that it’s essential always to pick only the best male enhancement supplements. As reviewed by, many can also have some adverse side effects, so make sure you contact your physician before you start taking them.

2. Stress and Anxiety

Probably at the moment more relevant than ever, stress and anxiety can both have severe adverse impacts on your sexual performance. They can decrease your sex drive and even cause erectile dysfunction.

What’s interesting, stress and anxiety can also have some positive impacts on a person, as we tend to seek intimacy and love in stressful situations. Nevertheless, the adverse effects can be severe, and their number is likely to increase in the world of the coronavirus pandemic.

3. Heart and Blood-Related Problems

If your heart cannot pump blood effectively, your chances of erectile dysfunction increase significantly. Without enough blood, you won’t be able to achieve an erection, which is almost every man’s worst nightmare.

Chances of impotence can also increase if you have atherosclerosis, which causes your blood vessels to clog. Problems with erection can also be associated with high cholesterol or hypertension.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common, and also significant causes of any sexual problems. It has negative effects on your testosterone, which is responsible for your sex drive, and its decrease is something you probably would like to avoid.

But decreased sex drive is not the worst thing that diabetes can cause. The main problem that comes with it is that it severely impacts your erection. Diabetes can not only make it impossible to achieve one, but it can also cause problems when trying to maintain it.

5. Obesity

Some people still discuss whether obesity is a health issue, but even if it’s not, it can lead to many significant medical problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also have a severe impact on your sex life.

Obese people have lower libido, worse sexual stamina, and can come across various erectile issues. What’s more, studies show that people who have obesity find sex less enjoyable and more unsatisfactory.

6. Depression

If you have depression, it affects every aspect of your life, and your sexual performance is no exception. Sense of anxiety, stress, and guilt that comes with depression can cause some severe issues with your sex drive, and increase the risk of impotence.

What’s more, if you take antidepressants, they can make erectile dysfunction even more likely. They are also associated with premature ejaculation or delayed orgasms. If you are prone to solving your issues the natural way, try researching Carbon 60, some studies show that it does have a positive impact on libido.

7. Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol can cause real havoc in your sex life. Heavy drinking is one of the leading causes of impotence among men. Not only does it create the problem of achieving an erection, but it also makes it challenging to maintain it, as alcohol decreases your blood pressure.

But there’s more. It can delay your ejaculation, making it extremely difficult to achieve orgasm. In some cases, it can make it impossible. And while alcohol can also make you hornier, heavy drinking has a severe negative impact on your sexual performance.


Every man wants to make sure that his sexual performance is always fantastic. Unfortunately, many things can negatively influence the way you perform in bed, both mentally and physically.

Everything from stress, anxiety, obesity, addictions, or blood-related problems, can cause severe negative issues on your sexual performance. It may also be high time to look into sex devices for men that can bring out more satisfaction for you and your partner. Trying something new in bed can be a welcome change and that spice you needed for your sex life. Sex is important, and pleasure derived from it promotes well-being. Be aware of the numerous factors affecting your performance and overall health. Knowing how to deal with them is crucial if you want to make sure that you’re always on top.