According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes every year.

By quitting, you can experience a happier, healthier life—and live that life a lot longer, too. Keep reading for the five biggest benefits of not drinking alcohol.

Then, you’re one step closer to a changing your life for the better.

Look Better

Alcohol is a diuretic. That means it dries the skin, reducing elasticity.

It causes body tissue inflammation, too. Inflammation causes the skin to appear red and flushed. While this goes away a while after drinking, constant inflammation cause skin damage.

Drinking ages the body’s cells as well, which makes you look a lot older than you actually are.

One of the benefits of not drinking alcohol is its ability to restore your appearance. By quitting drinking, you can stop those cells from dying and get your natural glow back once again.

Feel Better

The benefits of not drinking alcohol work from the inside, out. So if you’re starting to look better, you’ll naturally feel a lot better, too.

Drinking causes a number of health issues including liver damage, hangover headaches, and dry mouth. By quitting drinking, you can improve your health and feel better every day.

That includes having more energy throughout the day, too.

When you quit drinking, you can also improve your cholesterol levels and lower your blood sugar levels.

More Control

We all know that alcohol lowers our inhibitions, self-control, and cognitive performance. Drinking can lead to even more alcohol-seeking behavior, too.

One of the benefits of not drinking alcohol is the control you return to your life.

That includes control over your emotions. Instead of trying to manage the aggressive behavior and mood swings alcoholism causes, you can regain control and composure again.

Remember, you’re not alone. A professional detox center can help you through your rehabilitation. Take the first step towards regaining control over your life again.

Think Smarter

Self-medicating mental health issues with alcohol will only make the problems worse.

This study showed drinking can rewire the brain’s neural pathways. That means alcohol can increase mental health issues—including anxiety and depression—instead of helping us escape these issues.

In fact, the lowered serotonin levels we experience after drinking can make depression worse.

By quitting drinking, you can discover healthier, more effective ways to manage your mental health.

Live Happier

Sobriety can lift a number of problems off our shoulders that are all caused by alcoholism. These include:

  • Financial issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Weight gain
  • Heart issues
  • Lack of concentration
  • Sleep issues
  • Diminished sexual performance

By quitting drinking, you can get your life back on track.

Don’t depend on alcohol to numb your problems. Instead, sobriety can give you the focus to improve these areas so you can make the most of every day of your life.

The Ticket to Quit It: 5 Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

Take the first step and quit drinking! With these five benefits of not drinking alcohol, you can discover a happier, more fulfilling life.

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