Imagine a day when you have no money and you get into a situation where you need some emergency fund. And if you have no friends to help you out then that could be the most unfortunate day of your life. So to avoid facing such a situation it’s always a wise idea to have that saving cash in the need of the hour. Saving money is not an easy task, especially if you’re earning is not too splendid. In such a case bring these 6 changes in your lifestyle to save money.

1. Walk when possible

We humans are capable of walking more than tens of miles a day, still we take a cab or drive ourselves to the grocery store which is a mile away. Some may argue that this saves our time, but we still have a habit of using a vehicle even when we have nothing else to do. Rather we should take a walk, which would not only save us some money but would also bring you some activeness. It would also help you lose those extra pounds that you desired without spending money at gymnasium.

2. Learn to recycle

Recycling plays a very vital role in saving both money and environment. You have to show some creative intellect to convert your old waste stuff into new useful products. You can surf online tutorials which brilliantly guides on how we can turn our not so useful product into something worth having. For example, you can tear down your old t-shirt and sew it into a new shape which not only suits you but also look a new one. You can also use your Glass bottles and waste plastic to make some amazing new products.

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3. Use Smartphone application

There are many Smartphone applications which can save you a descent amount of money. Most of them have offers which could save you up to 50 percent on your purchase and others provide you with vouchers which can be redeemed later. Apps like Freecharge offer you a deal to select at the cheapest price once you do a mobile recharge using their apps. There are also apps like CouponDunia which provides you with the promo codes/ coupons of most of the major e-commerce site which can be redeemed to save that extra money.

4. Avoid getting indulged in bad habits

Some bad habits are costly. If you’re trying to save more, consider habits you can break to save money. This might include smoking cigarettes, going to happy hour on a regular basis, eating out several times a week, or using retail therapy to boost your mood.

5. Learn How to Say ‘no’

If you can learn how to say ‘no,’ you can save a little money. This might include resisting peer pressure when friends encourage you to spend money, or declining invitations to events that will cost too much money. Also, don’t be afraid to let someone know you can’t lend them money.


6. Start accompanying frugal friends

Majority of our behavior and lifestyle depends on the environment in which we live. Living lavishly and extravagantly just to stand equivalent to your friends and colleagues will create a deep hole in your pocket. Rather try to make friends with frugal, smart yet lovely people with whom you feel comfortable. And instead on spending blindly from top brands you can be wise and grab fashion coupons and look for sales. This would help you save a lot of money which could have been wasted otherwise.

Above all what you need is self-determination to save money. Once you have it and start following these steps, you would definitely save a good amount of money and turn it into a safety cushion at the time of emergency.

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If you have any more ideas which can be used to save money then do share with us by commenting below.