Many a times we have our closet occupied by the clothes that are not of use still we don’t throw them away as some being favorites or just like that. So, pick up your old t-shirts and make something crafty, cool and funky stuff out of your beloved tees which are wrong size or you can’t wear it because of stains or tears. Here, we have some cool ways to repurpose old T-shirts that you are definitely going to love.

1. Pom Poms from T-shirt yarn

You can make pom poms out of T-shirt yarn which you can use to make Flowers, Neck piece, Rugs, Wreaths or anything of your interest. This tutorial is by Martha Stewart.

Get the tutorial here.

2. Pair Of Shoes

Make your own pair of shoes with A Little Tipsy. You can style it your way, use more than one colour or add some funky beads or wear it simply.

Get the tutorial here.

3. A Braided Rug

I love this braided  blue rug. You just need to make a braid out of your T-shirt yarn and coil it up. Oh wait, sew the coil to let the braid stay in place and its done!

Get the tutorial here.

4. A No Sew Tote Bag

One of the best use of your tees is making a tote out of it and what makes it more wonderful is that it requires no sewing. Here’s the one by Tealou And Sweetpea.

Get the tutorial here.

5. Rosette Bracelets

Try this fun rolled Rosette Bracelets by Kari and Becky which you can get throwing on every outfit. Well, with this Rosette you can also try cushions.

Get the tutorial here.


6. Quilt

If you have spare T-shirts in lots then make a beautiful quilt of it. You can make it colourful or like the one in this picture by Cheap Chic Home which goes with your bedroom interior.

Get the tutorial here.

7. Blooming Flowers


Make a pretty use of your T-shirts and make this blooming flowers by The Sewing Loft for decorations, vase or outdoor weddings.

Get the tutorial here.

8. Fringe Necklace

Try an easy and adorable chic Bohemian Fringe Necklace using T-shirt yarn. You can also try variations of your own style.

9. Teddy Bear

If you are making this for your kids, they will love it for sure. Pick paper cutting of a character of your or your kid’s choice and  sew it to a new life as described in Hand Made Romance.

Get the tutorial here.

10. Braided Hairband

Wrap your old headband with the T-shirt strips and then glue it with the braid as described by Alisa Burke. You can also add beads between the braid. Instead of braid you can also place a bow, three rolled rosettes in a row or flowers.

Get the tutorial here.

11. Latch Hook Rug

Latch hooking a Rug is simple yet fun to do and the final result is so much satisfying. Learn to make it from scratch at Xoelle.

12. A Cute Cap

A cool project to take up this summer! This complete hat is made out of old T-shirt at Second Street. Make it for yourself or kids, it is indeed one of the best use of your tees.

Get the tutorial here.

13. Grocery Bags

Using T-shirts to make grocery bags is not only recycling and reusing but also being eco-friendly as you are avoiding using plastic bags. So, be smart and do your part for the environment!

Get the tutorial here.

14. Tassels

Who can say this beautiful Tassels are made from spare T-shirts! You can also make this colorful Tassels like Tienda Deco by using different colour T- shirts.

15. Ruffle Skirt

A great transformation of T-shirt into a girly Ruffle Skirt by Suburbs Mama. I loved the off white but you can go for any single colour, a combination of two or multishades.

Get the tutorial here.


16. Pencil Skirt

If you don’t want to put too much of your time making Ruffle Skirt, try this T-shirt Pencil Skirt. This one’s by Just Another Day In Paradise is perfect for your date!

Get the tutorial here.

17. Neon Coil Bowls

These cute neon finished Coil Bowls by We Are Scouts is good for keeping your accessories or nail polish. It will also be a nice idea to gift this cute handmade multipurpose Coil Bowls to your dear ones.

Get the tutorial here.

18. Cushions

These throw pillows for kid’s playing room is a super cool idea. Add these pillows to your DIY Network.

Get the tutorial here.

19. Knit Dish Towel

If the T-shirts are not in that good condition then simply knit them into Dish Towels like Craftster or if even worse, convert them into household rugs and get the best use out of your tees.

20. T-Shirt Yarn

For most of your T-shirt projects you will need a T-shirt yarn which will work better if it’s continuous or else you will end up with lots of knots in your final repurposed stuff. So, here’s a video for you on how to make very easy, inexpensive T-shirt yarn!