Are you looking for ways to enhance your style, but you find yourself short on time and money? Rest assured, there are many simple ways clothing hacks to work with the items in your closet to improve your appearance on a shoestring budget. The following hacks are designed to modify pieces that you already own, giving you a whole new look in no time.

Do It Yourself Ripped Jeans

Distressed jeans are all the rage right now in the fashion world, and this is a very easy clothing hacks to make at home. This easy DIY ripped jeans guide will have you looking fashionable in no time. Choose a pair from your closet that you feel would lend itself well to the onslaught, and then use a fabric marker or chalk to mark where you will be cutting. Lay the jeans out flat, taking sandpaper or a pumice stone to wear around the areas where you will be cutting, making them look worn. Take your scissors or knife and start applying pressure on and around the marks that you made with your fabric pen. If you are going for skin, then cut all the way through. If a frayed look is what you are after, scrape with your knife until you see the white thread holding the denim together. You’ve achieved a $200 look for pennies on the dollar.

Instant Cardigan

A long sleeve t-shirt can quickly and easily become a cardigan. Use a ruler to mark, then cut along the front of the bodice, separating the shirt. Be careful to not cut all the way through the back of the shirt as well. Use hem tape, following the manufacturer’s instructions, to seal edges inside the shirt. Iron the hem flat. For a finishing touch, sew an oversized button on one side of the shirt where you think a button might normally lie. The button is just for show, as there is no need to mess around with creating a buttonhole in order to have a cardigan look.

Decorate A Plain Tee with A Lattice Look

Draw a straight horizontal line across a plain tee just below the collarbone. With a ruler, draw vertical lines from the shoulder down to the horizontal line, spacing them equally. Cut along the vertical lines to separate, then use decorative fabric studs to place two strips of cloth together, creating a pattern.

Add A Decorative Pocket

Turn a plain shirt into a conversation piece with a striking pocket clot. To start this clothing hacks, wear the shirt and then mark where you would like the pocket to be placed. Take a decorative piece of fabric, 6×6, and cut using the free pattern we found. Place your pattern on the decorative fabric, then cut. Glue edges in to finish, then let dry for several hours or overnight. Apply fabric glue to the edges of the pocket and then affix to the shirt, allowing it to dry completely before wearing.

Turn an Oversized Shirt into A Skirt

Button a men’s dress shirt 3/4 of the way up. Step into the shirt and fold the collar down and inward so that it is not showing. Tie the arms of the shirt into a decorative knot of the bow in front. Pull the shirt up and around the waist, tucking the extra fabric into the folds at your sides. This simple skirt is suitable for a day at the beach or a night on the town.

Transform Dress Pants into Scalloped Dress Shorts

If you have a pair of dress pants that you just can’t part with yet, turn them into a pair of shorts that would be acceptable as office wear. Trim the length of your favorite dress pants, keeping in mind that you will lose length if you choose to scallop the ends. With a fabric pen and an item such as a candle lid, make a scalloped pattern across the bottom of the short. Using fabric scissors, trim both the front and back of the shorts separately, tracing your scallop pattern with the scissors. Add an anti-fraying agent to the edges to keep the fabric intact.

Following these simple tips and tricks will allow you to reinvent your look using pieces that you have personally transformed. Wear them with pride and flaunt your new look with confidence!