Most people, if not everybody, who have misaligned teeth are said to have sentiments of wanting to straighten their pearly whites at one point or more in their waking life. The main reason may be for aesthetic purposes and to achieve a beautiful smile. However, having a set of straight teeth doesn’t only give you a camera-ready smile, but it also offers some helpful health benefits. 

For one, crowded or crooked teeth may easily trap food. This means that bacteria can nourish and propagate in your mouth as the teeth’ structure makes it difficult to clean. Thus, properly aligned teeth also make oral hygiene maintenance easier. Fortunately, some orthodontic correction will allow you to achieve properly aligned teeth, giving you the much-needed confidence you didn’t know you ever needed. 

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, one might immediately consider getting braces to address misaligned teeth placements. Even though it’s still believed to be effective, it’s important to note that with today’s medical advancement it’s no longer the only method available to align one’s teeth. In fact, more and more people are now drawn towards clear aligners as an option to traditional dental braces. 

What Are Clear Aligners

As pointed above, clear aligners from Invisalign or any other manufactures (read Smile Direct Club vs Byte as an example) can be an alternative to traditional braces in the sense that the former also uses force to control tooth movement. The difference, however, lies in the fact that clear aligners don’t use any brackets or metal wirings. Instead, these aligners are made of durable plastic material that’s personalized so they can perfectly fit the patient’s mouth. 

Furthermore, aligners are only worn for at least 20 hours a day, unlike braces where you’re forced to not remove them from months to up to years with some cases. Clear aligners, in addition, will be worn for only three weeks at a time. Soon after, your orthodontist will assess if you’re ready to change to another size. Do note that the three weeks mentioned are only an estimate as to the length in which you have to wear clear aligners will depend on different factors for each case. 

Why Consider Clear Aligners Over Other Dental Care Options For Your Teeth’s Health

As shown above, clear aligners can be a perfect alternative for braces. If you’re still not convinced of its effectiveness in doing its job yet, take a look at these reasons why you should consider getting clear aligners to fix your misaligned teeth:

Offers Solution To Most Alignment Concerns

As highlighted above, clear aligners are believed to offer across-the-board solutions to concerns regarding misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth may also refer to different dental conditions such as crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, gapped teeth, crossbites, or other teeth alignment issues.

Hence, if you have any alignment matters you want to get fixed, there’s a huge chance that clear aligners can be a solution so you can achieve the smile that you want. What’s even better is that clear aligners can be used with elastics. By doing so, serious oral issues, like those mentioned, can be treated much easier. 

Lower Chances Of Injury

The traditional braces are commonly made with metal and wires. Due to their composition, braces may injure and scratch your cheeks or lips which can lead to bleeding and discomfort. Moreover, when adjusting the braces, the orthodontist may use force to straighten the teeth. This process may affect your teeth’ demineralization process that can cause gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. 

Fortunately, since clear aligners are made of durable plastic, they won’t scratch your lips or cheeks compared to teeth braces. This makes clear aligners as a good alternative to traditional braces, especially if you’re concerned with the different unintended injuries you may experience if you opt for braces. 

Works Faster

Depending on the severity of teeth misalignment, in most cases, it’s said that clear aligners can achieve better results faster than the traditional process. 

For one, the process of getting clear aligners is already highly digitized. This means that the duration of wearing one can now be predicted by your dentist. Hence, you don’t have to undergo the guesswork as to when you can look forward to seeing the results of wearing any orthodontic equipment. It’s believed that with the continued use of clear aligners, one can observe changes within a year or so. 

You Can Eat Anything You Want

People who have braces can tell you that they can no longer eat some food items since it may affect the structure of the metal component. Some may even share that it can be difficult for them to chew food items including gum, hard candy, popcorn, and apples. Because of the braces’ structure, pieces of food inadvertently get stuck between teeth which end up promoting bacterial growth. Thankfully, you’ll never have to experience those if you opt for clear aligners. 

If you have clear aligners, you have the option to remove them before enjoying a meal or light snack. This means that you can eat any food you want without any fuss at all. Also, you don’t have to get a specialized toothbrush when you have aligners since, as stated, you can remove this orthodontic equipment before brushing which helps saving you money. 

Although, it’s important to note that clear aligners must be worn 20 to 22 hours a day says this kids dentist in Las Vegas. Failing to do so may only lengthen your treatment length. This means that the moment that you’re done eating or before brushing and flossing, you should wear them back immediately. 

Boosts Self-Confidence

Having gaps or crooked teeth may make you feel self-conscious which can hinder your confidence and performance. Meanwhile, wearing braces may not help since it can be uncomfortable, at first, and may disrupt the way you converse with people around you. 

Fortunately, clear aligners eliminate this feeling of self-consciousness as you don’t have to worry about any metal attached to your mouth. Because they’re made out of clear material, those around you wouldn’t notice it at all. Thus, you can continue going on your normal daily routine hassle-free. 

After a year or so of incognito treatment, individuals may gradually start to notice your new teeth, boosting your confidence to climb up the ladder of success in school or in the career you belong to. 


For these reasons, you now have a clue why plenty of people you know have opted to go with clear aligners as the primary solution for their misaligned teeth. Essentially, it provides the same benefits as what traditional braces offer, but it does so in a more convenient and fuss-free way. 

If the above reasons convinced you to get clear aligners, it’s important to first consult with a trusted orthodontist. This way, they can assess the status of your teeth first to determine if clear aligners are the right orthodontic equipment for you. After they give you the green light, you can also ask for more important details before you get clear aligners, clearing up all possible questions you may have moving forward.

Regardless if you’re a senior, working professional, or a teenager, as long as you want to solve your misaligned teeth issues, clear aligners may be the right option for you.