Our busy schedules, the need to beat the deadlines, or the need for recognition at work are some of the reasons behind the long working hours. Unfortunately, this results in varying degrees of body pains and soreness that can be insufferable, to say the least. 

Such pains can be caused by improper postures while working, sitting for long periods, or an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the good news is that you can beat that deadline and complete that project in time for the C.E.O to recognize your hard work. For these reasons and more, we have outlined six ways on how to work for long hours without experiencing body pains.

Standing Desks

Did you know that sitting for long periods contributes to higher mortality rates at the workplace? For this reason, there arose the need for standing desks that are specifically designed to reduce, if not eliminate, the need to sit down for such extended periods. These desks come in various designs and are quite pocket-friendly and are designed to fit your home office, your workplace, or anywhere else. Some of the most advanced standing desks include;

  • Electric desks
  • Standing desk converters that you can place on your current desk to convert it to a standing desk
  • Crank desks that are manually cranked to suit the user’s preferred height
  • Pneumatic desks that are manually adjusted but with the help of a counterbalance
  • Shaped desks
  • Plain or budget desks

To sweeten the deal, you can even exercise while working with the help of a treadmill standing desk. That sounds fantastic right! Well, it is because walking while working will ensure all your body’s pistons are pumping to supply blood and oxygen to the brain, hence increasing focus, concentration, and overall productivity. To help you choose a treadmill desk design that suits you, here is a breakdown of the best on the market. Nobody said you can’t work and work out simultaneously. It’s multitasking at its best and this will ensure that you keep fit while working on your assigned tasks either remotely or in your office workspace. 

Ergonomic Chairs

Contrastingly, even though sitting down for extended periods contributes to body pains and aches, you cannot overlook the role played by ergonomic chairs. These chairs are designed to specifically keep you comfortable while working in an upright posture and concentrating on putting your best productive face on. For maximum efficiency, they reduce physical efforts, irritations, and what’s more, they even have wheels to help you in moving around! Boy, that sounds fun! These chairs are readily affordable for your picking and for use at your office or anywhere of your choosing.

The Tomato Technique

Also known as the Pomodoro Technique, was penned down by Francesco Cirilo. This time management technique is vital and can help you become more productive, help you to have a heightened focus, and become smarter while at it. That sounds like the qualities of a superhero, right! What does it entail? You might ask. Here’s what:

    • Outline a task that you want to accomplish
    • Set a timer – Use your mobile phone or computer even if for 25 minutes
    • Be sure to focus and work on that particular task for the set duration up until the timer rings. After the expiry of the timer, checkmark it on a piece of paper and get on to another task
    • Take a break for some time, say every 5 minutes during which you can indulge in a relaxing activity like napping, quick yoga, taking a walk or even snacking
    • After every four timed tasks, take a longer break of maybe 25 or 30 minutes – Don’t pressure yourself to complete the tasks as some can take longer than 25 minutes

Create this routine daily and be disciplined enough to follow it and it might just help you to complete your work deadlines without having to strain yourself so hard.

The purpose of each break is to help rejuvenate your brain, the body, as well as help raise your focus and production levels.

Sustenance is Key

Often than not, you can get so busy to a point that a snack break or even lunchtime passes you by. However, you should exercise caution not to skip a meal or snack. If you lack the time to go for that much important tea or lunch break, you can use the multicolored lunch box you used to have in school to pack some snacks or a full meal. Make a habit of snacking after every time you feel your energy levels running low. At the end of the day, your lunch box will be empty but your energy levels will be at full capacity.

Sustenance is Key

Remember, even as you pack your meals, make sure they are healthy and well balanced and free from foods rich in fats and lipids. Such foods will clog your arteries leading to insufficient blood flow to the most vital organs which over time will have an impact on your productivity as well as leading to aches and joint pains. 

Ample Sleep and Exercise

The lack of enough sleep and a good night’s rest can leave you groggy, lazy, and full of sore muscles. Now that is not a state you want to report to work in, especially with the much-anticipated investor presentations that you are in charge of! If, unfortunately, you are sleep deprived due to sleep disorders such as insomnia, seek professional help, or try various techniques such as meditation, yoga, or reading a book before bedtime. Additionally, taking a few minutes every day – if you can – or regularly, to work out will keep your muscles active, blood flowing, and your body energized. Don’t give up when you feel sore when you commence exercising, it’s just your muscles settling in.

Self Remedies

Working is part and parcel of daily living and it’s necessary to keep you busy as well. Unfortunately, working long hours can be inevitable – that’s probably how your branch manager got his promotion. Work-related body pain can be managed through the use of various home remedies. Luckily, you can use some DIY skills to make some remedies at home. Some of them include:

    • Hot and cold packs placed on painful or achy muscles
    • Taking a high collagen diet (building blocks of proteins) – these include foods such as beef, chicken, fish, and eggs
    • Taking a concoction of warm water, garlic, turmeric, and honey
    • Ginger tea – Ginger is a great pain relief herb and over millennia, it has been used in ancient medicine to relieve muscle pains
    • A nice soothing mustard oil massage

Don’t fret if you aren’t comfortable with these home remedies, you can always pop into your local pharmacy, and the pharmacist will prescribe the right remedy for you.

Do not let your body aches and pains hamper your productivity. Nevertheless, in the event these body pains become chronic, make an appointment to visit your doctor as it could be a symptom of another disorder. Apply these amazing tips in your day-to-day schedules and they’ll help you to execute at your full potential.