Girls love wearing different shades on their lips. It makes them look sexy and attractive. It is good to know that the skin on the lips is thinner compared to any other part. It is easy for your lips to crack if not taken care of correctly. The oil glands on the lips Are minimal thus cannot produce the natural melanin. They cannot protect themselves. It is your responsibility to take good care of them. During the winter season, most of the people’s lips are always dry. It is due to the cold and the air which dries out the lips. Winter is not the only time when one can have problems with the lips. The dry air and sun also make your lips dry all the time. The best remedy to use to avoid dry lips is lip balm. You should know all the problems of the lips and their causes. You can find more information on Write ✍️ My Paper. Here is a list that will help you learn more;

Lips Problems and Causes

Here are several problems you may have encountered:

1. Dry Lips

  • Can happen in any season
  • You can apply lip balm to prevent it
  • Make sure it passes the edges when applying it
  • The lip balm should protect you from the sun

2. Splitting

  • Happens after you sleep in dry air
  • Apply lip balm before sleeping
  • Consider using a humidifier

3. Lipstick Bleeding

  • Happens when you lose collagen and from smoking
  • You can use a lip liner to draw your lips so that the lipstick can remain intact
  • You can stop smoking for better results

4. Sores from Cold

  • It gets caused by infection
  • To prevent getting infected by it again, you can consider applying your lipstick using cotton swabs

Effective Lip Care Tips

When it comes to your lips, try and do anything possible to avoid any problem. Here are tips to help you;

1. Avoid Touching and Licking

Every time you touch or lick your lips, you cause a problem. Do not make it worse by doing it again and again. Licking lips may feel satisfying, but after some time, your lips get dry and will require more licking. The exercise denies the skin and body a chance to keep them moist naturally.

Avoid breathing with your mouth wide open because the flow of air through the lips will cause them to get drier. Also, avoid kissing people with infection. These infections are transferred to your mouth and will blow up in the form of sores. Flu and mouth sores cause the lips to dry and crack. They become an eyesore and will demand a lot of licking or the application of oils.

Naturally, the lips are supposed to be moist. If they get dry, licking and the application of oils become temporary solutions. You should investigate why your lips are drying more than normal. You will realize that it is a problem with your emotional state, physical health, or failure to take care of the body in extreme conditions. Once you identify the real problem, you can provide a lasting solution.

2. Healthy Diet

It is always advisable to eat healthily. The food helps the body to remain healthy, including your lips. It should also be noted that the lips are some of the body parts that signal your health and wellbeing. As such, cracked lips indicate a health problem.

Your lips need vitamins and other nutrients to remain healthy. When you eat a healthy diet, it will reflect on your lips because they will be smooth and lovely. The reverse is also true. If your food lacks essential nutrients and minerals, there are high chances of cracking.

Eat foods rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Add a lot of fruits and vegetables in your food. These foods are responsible for the overall health of your skin, including that around the lips. A healthy diet will contribute to a healthy body that is displayed on your lips. Part of healthy eating includes drinking a lot of water and healthy fluids.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot of water is very important for the body because it helps to run your normal body processes. If you want to have healthy lips, you need to make water your best friend. Water gives you a glowing and smooth skin. It does the same to your lips too.

Dry lips indicate that the body is dehydrated. No amount of licking or application of oil will solve the problem until you can drink enough water. It also means that you should avoid losing too much body fluid. Stay at a shaded place and avoid too much activity if you do not have water nearby. A hydrated body can always be known by the status of your lips.

4. Remove your Makeup

You need to give your lips room to breathe. It is very unhealthy to cover your lips all the time.

  • Make sure you do not go to bed with any makeup on your lips
  • Use wipes to clean your lips

Makeup hinders the natural processes of the skin around the lips. When it is left on the lips for too long, the efficiency of wetting your lips naturally could be compromised. Once you return to the house, remove the makeup and allow the lips to breathe.

5. Hydrate Lips Overnight

When we are asleep, it is hard to know if your lips are dry or not. The air in your particular environment dries your lips.

  • You can apply hydrating cream before going to bed
  • You can either use glee or raw milk for better results

Use natural products to hydrate your lips for a lasting effect. When using chemical-based products, watch-out for ingredients that react negatively with your body. It escalates the problem.

Your lips will always give you a signal that there is a problem. Watch out for the signs and take necessary remedial measures. Work with products designed for your skin type to avoid harsh negative reaction.