Women come to sex toys for a multitude of reasons. Some aren’t having sex, while others are frustrated at not having pleasurable sex. Certain women might find themselves unable to climax, or they are struggling to discover themselves sexually again. Fortunately, sex toys are great solutions to bring all types of women out of their funk.

There is a perfectly suitable sex toy for every woman. It doesn’t matter what demographic you are, what your sexual preference is, or what you like and don’t like. The market for sex toys is huge and women are massive drivers of that growth. Nowadays, sex toys have come so far beyond just dildos and vibrators. You’ll find toys offered in all sorts of inclusive designs and unique shapes, accommodating different body sizes, types, and preferences. 

If you’re sexually starved for your next mind-blowing orgasm, check out these most popular sex toys among women:

1. Magic Wand

The Magic Wand is one of the best-selling vibrators for women of all-time. It is still in high demand and tops any list of sex toys for women. Whether you’re single, in a heterosexual relationship, a lesbian, or otherwise, the Magic Wand is a must-have for beginners. This vibrator can be applied to as many areas on your body as you want. You will enjoy stimulating yourself into increasingly intense tingles, from the clitoris down to your deepest parts.

2. Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are much smaller than the Magic Wand, more discrete in shape, and preferred by some women. While the Magic Wand is larger, women find that they can manipulate bullet vibrators in a niftier way. This sex toy is commonly used to target specific areas of the clitoris or around pleasure areas.

3. Dildo

The dildo is a classic sex toy familiar to many women. This versatile device is designed with a gentle, stimulating curve. A dildo can make yourself aware quickly of what you like and don’t like in your sexual tastes. Of course, not everybody enjoys a penis-shaped sex toy, which is very understandable. With that said, some women enjoy the sort of deep penetration that comes with a glass dildo or a silicone dildo. 

4. G-Spot Vibrator

A G-spot vibrator can unlock some of your best orgasms. It can be blended into sex or masturbation and may help you reach your greatest sexual potential. Although it can be intimidating to put a vibrator directly inside you, there may be a lot of pleasure waiting on the other side. The clitoris vibrator is not the only type of vibrator for women and this G-spot vibrator proves it is just as accomplished. 

5. Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators have been around forever, and their popularity is comparable to the Magic Wand. Nowadays, the design is occasionally modified by brands to encompass different shapes and technology. A rabbit vibrator works by using a phallic shaft (like a dildo) in combination with a clitoral stimulator, placed somewhere around the shaft of the vibrator. This is a dual-pleasure approach, providing a woman with gentle flourishes inside her vagina and on the head of the clitoris. 

6. Air Pulse Stimulator

An air pulse stimulator uses air to stimulate the clitoris. With this sex toy, a woman can enjoy sensations that range from sucking and pulling to licking, kissing, and vibration. This sort of high-tech sex toy is gentle in its application, encircling the head of the clitoris and providing direct, uninterrupted stimulation. It also doesn’t look like a sex toy, which can help with its discreetness.

7. SONA Cruise

The SONA Cruise has been an award-winning hit in the sex toy community throughout the past few years. As a clitoral stimulator, it uses fast-moving sonic waves to get the clitoris hot and bothered. The intensity increases when the machine is moved closer and pressed hard against the body. When you do that, the SONA Cruise really unleashes some power. This is one of the trendier sex toys for women on Instagram, in publications like Cosmopolitan, and on other platforms. 

8. We-Vibe Touch

Although we focus on the clitoris, everything around it is usually left unaddressed. This is especially true for the pubic mound, often so neglected by many women. Fortunately, the We-Vibe Touch pulls on the pubic mound and stimulates this area by wrapping around it, which gently exposes the clitoris. The rounded tip can be put onto the head of the clitoris, allowing for a more direct sort of stimulation. Of course, you can wear the vibrator in any way that drives your pleasure.

9. Wearable Vibrators

You’ll be pleased to know they make wearable vibrators, from vibrating panties to lingerie-style straps centering a vibrator over the clitoris. If you enjoy the maddening stimulation of bondage and restraints, this is your opportunity. With this hands-free vibrator, you can provide a partner with the remote control, turning it into a fun bedroom sex toy activity.

10. Nipple Clamps

Bondage and masturbation don’t often go together without spending big bucks on electric machines. With that said, nipple clamps are a great place to start. A lot of pleasure exists in the nipples and for some women, the thought of nipple play is very, very stimulating. Nipple clamps, including vibrating nipple clamps, add a whole new dimension to your masturbation experience.

11. Vibrating Lipstick

For women who want to conceal their vibrator discretely, this sex toy is for you. It’s a vibrator tucked into the body of a lipstick tube. My Secret Vibrating Lipstick looks welcome on any makeup counter, but the vibrator inside is so naughty that it will fill you with exhilarating delight. This may be the most discrete packaging of any sex toy for women on the market today. Its minor trade-off is the limited selection of three vibration speeds and pulse patterns, which you may not mind so much.