We live in trying times, and anything we can do to give us some peace of mind is always welcome. Yoga is one of the essential practices that helps a person take control of their mind, well-being, and body. Many people choose yoga as their escape from the daily hectic routine that only brings about anxiety and stress. The more yoga you do, the more you realize how ideal this physical exercise is for your physical and mental health. Apart from how beneficial practicing yoga is, there are several yoga accessories that you must have to enhance your experience. Read on to find out which essential gear you need for your next class. 

Exercise Mat

You can’t do yoga without a proper yoga mat. A yoga mat is one of the most common items to have in your gear. It has several benefits that keep you comfortable and safe during your yoga exercise. That is why your yoga mat is an important item for your class. To begin with, having an exercise mat keeps you clean and safe throughout the entire workout, as you won’t be anywhere near the practice floor. It’s also comfortable enough to handle any yoga position you do. 

Yogi-friendly Bag

Getting yourself a nice yoga bag is a great thing indeed. After all, how would a yogi like you carry around their yoga mat or water bottle? Your answer to this would be a yogi-friendly yoga bag. Your bag has to be yogi-friendly to be easier for you to carry it around, especially if you are traveling with your yoga gear. The good thing about it is that it comes in different shapes and sizes, and you can also easily find the right one for you at your yoga studio or online. Fun fact, many yogis like to DIY their bags, giving them a personal artistic touch. 

Straps to Hold Your Mat

Yoga straps are the alternative for yoga bags. Many people dislike the idea of carrying a yoga bag around from one place to another. Those people decide to get yoga straps for their mat to tie it around and carry it along. However, you have to make sure that your straps are tightly wrapped around your mat as they are more likely to unroll. 

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are one of the props that you may need for your yoga class. They help improve your body’s strength, flexibility, and avert any injuries. Nowadays, yoga blocks come in different materials. If you scroll through any yoga gear website, you will find the cork ones and the foam blocks. Each one of them has an advantage. Cork blocks are sturdy enough for your yoga practice, while foam blocks are convenient for their lightweight, soft, and spongy features. Whichever material you prefer would be based on what you find to be more convenient for you. 

Other Straps for Exercise

Exercise straps are different than the ones mentioned above that are used for rolling up your yoga mat. Even though both of them may seem very similar, each one of them has its own specs. Exercise straps are one of the yoga accessories used as you practice to make your postures more achievable as well as more flexible. In other words, it aids you in any deepening or lengthening activity. Moreover, this accessory helps increase your body’s strength and stabilization. Many people believe that using an exercise yoga strap helps them become more flexible and take better control of their positions. 

Blanket and Bolster

Blankets and bolsters are yoga accessories that fulfill the same purpose in some way. Both of them are considered props used for support during your yoga class. Blankets are one of the best props to help you get perfect alignment for your body. You simply roll a single or double fold of your blanket underneath your hips to get your body set in the right position. As for the bolster, it is more associated with your body’s comfort. They can also be good for getting your body aligned by putting them under your hips. The bottom line is if you’re looking for the perfect body alignment, you must grab your blanket. If you’re looking for comfort or meditation during your class, then you need a bolster’s support. 

Yoga (Not Any Regular) Towel

Grabbing a yoga towel along is a must. One of the common misconceptions around is using a regular towel during your yoga exercise. A regular towel can never be as practical as your yoga towel. What makes a yoga towel different from a regular one is that it increases your grip with sweat, unlike a regular towel. Being more grippy is the reason behind how essential a yoga towel is. The wetter the towel is, the more grippy it gets. 

Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga is one of the practices that makes a person use a good amount of sweat. That is why you need to make sure that you have your yoga mat all cleaned up and refreshed after every class. Some people prefer cleaning it both before and after class for more hygiene. Having a yoga mat cleaner will make it easy for you to get everything cleaned and sanitized. Nothing can be more satisfying than starting your yoga class with a clean, fresh-smelling yoga mat. After all, doesn’t your mat deserve such attention? Indeed, it does; in this case, all you have to do is find yourself an affordable and convenient mat cleaner. It also pays to know how to clean a cork yoga mat to ensure it stays dirt and stain free.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

Deciding to include yoga in your routine is a great step to take! You will reap all the mental and physical benefits that it has for your health and longevity. However, before starting your yoga classes, make sure that you’re all geared up with the essential apparel and accessories that you will need. If it helps, you can make yourself a list with all your preferences to make sure that you do not forget anything behind. So whether you are just starting your journey as a yogi or leveling up, you need to have your inventory stacked up with all the gears and accessories.