There’s an assumption that cannabis flowers are all THC laden, inducing a mind-altering effect with the potential for paranoia, anxiety, and more adverse effects depending on your level of high. 

But that’s simply not true. The cannabis plant and the term “cannabis” are broad concepts that foray into subsets that have little to do with intoxication. Some of these include hemp and cannabidiol or CBD.

Hemp Species Of The Cannabis Plant

Cannabis doesn’t merely reference marijuana. Cannabis is a plant that offsprings in a variety of species, one of which is hemp, and another is marijuana. The latter is a well-known branch that, throughout the ages, historically served in a medicinal capacity. See here how CBD has shown positive effects in helping with sleep patterns.

Because it was the only component of cannabis that people were familiar with, cannabis and marijuana became interchangeable terms. And the primary compound creating the “high” was tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

When another variety of cannabis was presented in the form of hemp, the automatic assumption was that it would get you high. It’s taking time and repetition to assure the public that the hemp species is not abundant enough in the THC compound to induce a “high.” 

The primary cannabinoid comes in the form of cannabidiol, which produces the benefits that cannabis is known for without creating an altered consciousness. CBD is the non-intoxicating cousin to THC that helps to negate THC effects, doesn’t generate a “high” but helps with wellness.

High CBD Hemp Flowers

A high CBD flower is a hemp species from the cannabis plant that breeders selectively cross to achieve a high level of cannabidiol while retaining a low level of THC. Growers cultivate these products specifically for consumers to purchase for smoking or inhaling to achieve the greatest benefit from the CBD. 

Companies like Cheef Botanicals make these high CBD options available on their sites along with literature meant to guide and inform users on CBD and how to implement the products into a daily routine. Using a trusted site can help you choose between the variety of strains on the market, each of which will offer a different effect. 

The overall result from consuming the buds is relaxation without the “out-of-mind” experience brought on by THC with marijuana. The trace amounts of THC found in hemp have the negative effects regulated by CBD, leaving only the positive attributes. 

Full-Spectrum Entourage Effect Benefits

Breeders employ selective breeding processes to develop hemp plants with cannabidiol exceeding percentages from previous years up to, as much as 25% while the THC remains low. 

When buying CBD-rich hemp flower strains, a user will experience the compound in its full form, meaning all chemical compounds will be intact, creating what has come to be known as the entourage effect. 

Full-spectrum CBD marries all the components of the whole bud, including the entire composition of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds plus THC. 

The indication is CBD and THC work cohesively to enhance the others beneficial properties. Claims suggest some THC, even at a minimum, can create a better CBD effect than having cannabidiol as an isolate.

CBD and THC boast as offering comparable therapeutic value when it comes to aiding with symptoms of wellness. These can include managing pain response, aiding with inflammation, reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress, helping with sleep disorders, and so much more, from mild to more severe considerations.

Administration of High CBD Hemp Buds

People are buying more buds and strains besides the oils and other options in the CBD line. In the way you consume the flowers, there’s a greater opportunity for potency and efficiency with the buds than most other forms and delivery techniques, specifically in smoking and vaping.

With these methods, you have the assurance that the cannabidiol will reach the lungs instantly and travel onto the brain through the main blood vessels creating an instant effect. 

But where there is a fast response, there is also a short-lived reaction time. You would likely need to take a dose more often when using these methods than longer-lasting options like edibles.

If you use the flower for baking or cooking, the substance will need to go through the digestive system creating a lengthier time for you to see the effects – may be as long as two hours. But once it kicks in, it will remain active for extended periods than when you smoke or vape. 

An immediate response is beneficial for acute symptoms like a panic attack or sudden instances of spastic pain. The compound brings the user back to the center and allows time for the next dose of a more extended-release.

Smoking and vaping are not for everyone, though. For people who experience difficulty with respiration or have preexisting respiratory conditions, smoking and vape are not ideal and should be avoided in favor of other delivery methods. 

Dosing Your Strain Of CBD

Each strain will offer a different CBD ratio, making it vital to sample a few until you find one that provides the effect you need for your specific situation. You will react differently than other people to certain strains, so don’t attempt to go for specific options based on other people’s responses. These should only be a measurement because everyone is different. You might be more sensitive or more tolerant. Find out the strains that offer the highest CBD at

Start with a lower dose of your chosen flower, which would merely be one or two puffs. As a rule, Indica strains boast relaxing results while Sativa suggests a more energizing effect. Go slowly and gradually build on that until you reach your goal. 

There’s no race in choosing which is best for you, and there are plenty of strains to sample and enjoy. Ultimately, the suggestion is that the ideal bud will be the one that relaxes, comforts, but yet brings a sense of focus for you. Take your time and find that strain.