An article beginning with such a declaration can only mean one thing. That it either deals with fitness or some rigorous business stuff. 

Yup! You’ve guessed it right. 

This piece here will provide you with the ultimate fitness regime that you need to follow in 2022. 

The Journey From Fat To Fit

All of us are pros when it comes to making those workout plans. Every individual has once, in the course of their life, decided to go from ‘fat to fit’ as a part of a  new year’s resolution. 

Every year a huge number of people enroll themselves at the gym. But tell me honestly, how many of you actually turn up every day or after the first few days? Only a handful. 

Come on now; you don’t have to play the pretense game with me. 

Wanting a healthy lifestyle is not wrong; in fact, it is kind of easy. But the difficult part is, -making it a reality. You need to have a steady mindset and have to be determined to stay on the track. Strength and determination are everything when it comes to fitness.

Before you start, remember that quitting is never an option. Since a sudden stoppage in your fitness regime can affect your health in a severe manner. Therefore, set your goal and be consistent with it. Do not stop until you reach your goal. 

Okay! Now enough of the pep talk. Let’s start with our fitness regime from ‘fat to fit’.

Having A Plan

Having a plan is extremely crucial when it comes to attaining your desired body size. Do not try to start without one because it will interfere with your consistency. At first, you need to understand the motivation behind your desire to transform. 

The first step of the plan is to find a fitness center, in other words, a gym-  that can help you with this process of transformation. For, it is any day beneficial to work out under a fitness supervisor or a gym trainer, to avoid pointless injuries. 

These  trained professionals will make a full power pact plan that suits your body and your goal. The month’s plan consists of four seasons in the course of two weeks. However the seasons of the first two weeks differ from that of the last two weeks.

1. The first 2 weeks include: 

Chest & Back

Legs & Arms


Shoulder & Abs, whereas,

2. The last 2 weeks include:

Chest & Triceps

Legs & Shoulders

Back & Biceps

Starting With Efficiency

The first step from ‘fat to fit’ would be following your fitness plan. You cannot afford to miss any step in between. We have this tendency to skip the difficult ones and continue with the easy exercises. Remember,  no pain, no gain. If you want results, then do not miss out on any step. 

Understand that investing time in these activities demand full utilization of the same. 

Although, I do understand if you want to continue working out at home. Since gym memberships can be quite expensive at times. Not only that, but the distance is also a huge factor. Always look for a fitness center within walking distance from your home. 

In fact working out at home has been quite beneficial for many. Especially for those battling anxiety. There are several youtube tutorials, and fitness tracking apps that can come to your rescue. All you have to do is, feed in your health symptoms, height, weight, and other details. The app will then create a customized fitness regime.

Finishing Big

The most important part of your life . No, not your graduation or your wedding, or your first day at work. It is the second week of your fitness plan. It is at this stage when you commence on with the actual exercises. 

Soon you will realize that the first week was nothing but a mere warm-up. This week will include exercises to strengthen your arm muscles, thigh muscles, and, most importantly, your back.

They help in building your training volume. For, most people who have survived this stage have made a successful transition into the next stage. Once you get the hang of the workout routine accompanied by a healthy diet,- it will be difficult to quit.

However, the pain is temporary and will reduce only with constant engagement. This consistency will help you reach your goal faster. No amount of liquid vitamins or protein powder can compete with motivation. When it comes to reaching your goal.

Working Out And Eating Healthy

Has it ever happened that you did not work hard for a test , yet managed to score well? Just by praying. No, right?

Most people complain that they are constantly failing to achieve their desired results even after months of working out. Here’s what you need to remember: working out alone does not help. It is eating healthy along with a good workout regime that is going to help you.

Do not go to work out with an empty stomach. Include low fiber, low fat, fluids, and familiar items in your meals. Stay farther away from fried items. For instance, have a lightly grilled chicken sandwich with a slice of cheese. But subtract the coke and the fries.

Now, what to eat while working out? Working out induces profuse sweating. Drink lots of fluids in between the sets. Consume two cups of water before starting and carry sports drinks. These will help you with your hydration. Proper hydration can also help you with acne.

However, adding protein is a very good idea when it comes to planning a post-workout meals. You can include boiled eggs, fruit juices, whey protein shakes, sandwiches, etc in your diet.

Ending The Set

Practice makes an individual perfect.

When you keep up with your consistency, you will definitely see results. Follow a month of the above routine with utmost diligence. You will definitely get results.

That ‘fat to fit’ transformation journey should entirely be your own call. Do not fall prey to negative comments. Focus on being healthy. 

After all, health is wealth.

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