Vaping is a huge growing trend, with one in 20 American adults now using e-cigarettes and adopting Vape culture.

Many smokers and former smokers see vaping as better than smoking and make the switch to kick their smoking habit for good.

But vaping is so much more than a smoking alternative. As such a new and thriving industry, many entrepreneurs, influencers, creatives and the like have found a home in the vaping community.

And, while outsiders might see vaping as an excuse for dudes to show off, there are many passionate female vapers who are redefining vape culture and advocating for change from within.  

Read on to find out how women are changing the vape culture for good. 

1. More Female Vapers

One of the most significant ways females are contributing to vaping culture is by being more open to trying e-cigarettes. Women also tend to be more likely to start vaping regularly. 

In the US, 60 percent of women have tried vaping, compared to 45 percent of men. And in the UK, 53 percent of regular vapers are female. 

It’s also worth considering that there are five times as many male smokers as female smokers worldwide. This shows that female smokers are far more likely to make the switch from regular cigarettes to vaping. 

2. Fighting Outdated Vape Industry Marketing

Despite female vapers outnumbering their male counterparts, a lot of the marketing tactics in the vaping industry tend to be male-focused. 

At vaping events, it’s common to see scantily-clad ‘booth babes’ showcasing vaping merchandise. And many attendees at the UK’s Vape Expo expressed their disdain at the ‘Miss Vapor’ competition, something considered misplaced and unnecessary at such an inclusive event. 

But as Spencer Chen proved with a split test at the Las Vegas CES conference, ‘booth babes’ don’t lead to conversions. They don’t even encourage more people to enter the booth. And if booth models don’t convert at a male-dominated tech event, they’re unlikely to have a positive effect at inclusive vaping trade shows. 

But, thanks to high-powered women in the vape industry such as Cynthia Cabrera and Julie Woessner highlighting such outdated practices, there could be a change in sight.

These vaping experts see that the promotion of innovative vaping products should be the industry’s main priority. By seeking change in the vape industry from within, they’re helping to change the vaping culture. And that’s sure to have a positive impact on the potential customers they’re trying to attract. 

3. Famous Female Vapers

For many people, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the first celebrity vapers that comes to mind. Not least because he vaped openly at the 2016 SAG awards, leading to a vaping ban at the Oscars later that same year. 

But, just as women are playing a more prominent role in the vaping community as a whole, there are many famous female vapers redefining vaping culture. 

Models and avid vapers Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss have embraced the vaping lifestyle with their typical Brit-girl cool.

Singers Katy Perry and Rihanna love vaping because it’s not as harsh on their voices as smoking is. And, since these women change their whole appearance more often than we change our socks, they’re sure to appreciate the variety of flavors that vaping offers. 

Comedian Sarah Silverman is another passionate vaper and one who’s happy to share her vaping habits in public. During an interview on the Emmy’s red carpet, Silverman showed her vape pen to E!’s Giuliana Rancic. She even said it was “liquid pot” to help calm her nerves during the ceremony. 

4. Vaping Female YouTube Stars

While smoking is a case of lighting up and inhaling, vaping can be more complicated to master. 

But female vapers looking for advice are often met with sexist abuse when they attempt to join vaping subreddits and Facebook groups. Luckily, there are a growing number of female YouTube stars fighting back by sharing their vaping expertise. 

Some of the biggest female YouTube vaping stars are Zophie Vapes, Wendy Vapes, and Tia Vapes. Their content includes tricks, reviews of vaping products, such as the JUUL starter kit, and demonstrations of difficult vaping skills like coil-building.

But their most important contribution to vape culture is by positioning themselves as visible ambassadors of an inclusive vaping lifestyle to their thousands of subscribers.  

5. The Drippin’ Dolls

It was that same sexist online abuse faced by many female vapers, as well as common vape shop sexism, which inspired Megan Sikes to create a private Facebook group called ‘Drippin’ Dolls’. 

Drippin’ Dolls offers a safe space for female vapers to support one another and share vaping advice and experiences. Here, women who felt belittled or alienated can find out everything vape-related, from e-juice recommendations to advice on building mods. 

Since then, what started out as a group of avid female vapers has turned into a phenomenal force in the vaping community. The Dolls now have their own line of apparel and make regular public appearances at events. 

And, if anyone can change the perception of vaping or vaping culture and the vaping community, it’s the Drippin’ Dolls. 

6. An Increase in Vape-Related Tweets from Female Users

Women are also contributing to vaping culture by becoming more open about sharing their vaping experiences and preferences on Twitter. 

While men posted 75 percent of vape-related Tweets in 2015, by the following year, 34.2 percent of vape-related Tweets were from female vapers. 

Between 2015 and 2017, vaping also shifted from being a taboo subculture to a regular and common practice, in both urban and rural environments across the US. As such, it’s clear that as the vaping community grows, women are playing a more and more prominent role in vaping culture.  

7. Female Vape Entrepreneurs 

Across all industries, men are more likely to launch new enterprises than women. But, as the vape is still in its infancy, it makes sense that female entrepreneurs would find more opportunities for innovation here than within more established industries. 

And, since a growing body of research shows that women often make better entrepreneurs than men, the success of these vape entrepreneurs is making a huge contribution to vape culture. 

One such vape entrepreneur is Jess-Marie Cornell, the owner, and designer of an online boutique dedicated to e-cig charms and customized drip tips. Her designs allow vapers to add personality to their vaping devices while enabling her to be her own boss and share her passion for vaping with the world. 

Another influential woman in the vaping industry is e-juice mixologist Andrea Hendricks. Not only does she run a successful vape shop with her husband, but she’s also the secret behind all the incredible flavors at their e-juice company. 

8. Bringing Vaping to Our Screens

While famous female vapers are raising awareness of the benefits of vaping, two actresses have changed the vaping game by bringing vaping to our screens. 

In fact, former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Katherine Heigl may well be one of the first people to bring vaping into the public eye. Back in 2010, Heigl demonstrated her vape pen to David Letterman during a live TV interview and explained how vaping was the best cessation method she’s found. 

And on the big screen, Australian actress and avid vaper Isla Fisher puffed on an e-cigarette in the heist thriller, ‘Now You See Me’.  

9. Mastering Vape Tricks

Not to be outdone by male ‘cloud chasers’, many female influencers have gained huge followings by mastering some impressive vaping tricks. 

One such influencer is Carrie, aka @vapingyogi, whose Instagram account is dedicated to her amazing smoke-blowing abilities. Although she only has a modest 59,000 followers, her videos are some of the most-watched vape trick videos. 

Then there’s the self-appointed ‘Vape Goddess’, Han Duong, who goes under the name @jelly.goddess. With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that her vaping tricks have earned her a lot of fans. And, following close behind with 194,000 followers is @misaliaa, dubbed the official vape queen and known as one of the most talented tricksters in the game. 

What’s most refreshing about these popular trick performers is that their main focus is on the quality of their performance. Their superb skills also go a long way to undermining the idea that the only place for females in the vaping community is as booth models at trade shows.

How Women Are Redefining Vape Culture

As this extensive list shows, women are responsible for some of the biggest contributions to the changing face of vape culture.

They’re the mixologists, company directors, tricksters, designers, influencers and everything in between. And as a result of their passion for creating a more inclusive vaping community, they’re helping other women embrace the vaping lifestyle and a smoke-free future. 

But we don’t have to look hard to see influential women all around us. Check out these inspiring women and how they overcame the odds to succeed in unusual fields. 

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