Beauty isn’t just about genetics. Women use self-massage techniques, dermal fillers, and other beauty hacks to look attractive. But how we look also depends on our habits. Everyone has their own: someone taught himself to drink a glass of water in the morning, and someone from year to year does not miss a single stage of their multi-stage care system. The cumulative effect of these beauty rituals will make itself felt.

Cleansing twice a day

Your skin needs to be cleansed in the morning and evening (even if you are not used to hitting your face with dirt). During sleep, the body is actively working on the restoration and renewal of tissues, and the epidermis is no exception – dead cells and sebum can cause inflammation and clogged pores, and during the day, city dust will also be added to this. It is better to choose the cleanser by skin type: products for oily and combination skin will help restore balance, and for dry and sensitive skin – gently cleanse and soothe. The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to damage the protective layer of the skin – enough warm water and light massage with a small amount of cleanser.

Warm-up every morning

What do you think? It’s high time to start doing this! A little exercise in the morning perfectly invigorates, tones the body up after a night’s rest, and reads “sleep residues” and helps to keep track of the figure! And for this it is not necessary to wake up an hour earlier – 10-15 minutes will be enough for you.

Use SPF cream not only in summer

It may sound strange, but applying sunscreen to exposed skin at any time of the year is a very healthy habit indeed. Solar radiation affects our skin both in winter and autumn. Studies have shown that people who use SPF cream all year round age 24% slower than those who do not. For the same reason, it is recommended to wear sunglasses on clear winter and autumn days.

Keep a food diary and keep track of water balance

“There is a healthy mind in a healthy body,” and sometimes, in order to achieve this very “health”, it is not enough to go to the gym, do not drink, do not smoke, and get tested on time. One of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition. Make it a rule to keep a food diary, writing down what you ate during the day and what food was obviously superfluous (it is better to exclude them from the diet). Also, don’t forget about water balance! A person should drink about 2 liters of water per day, otherwise, there can be no talk of any health.

Take care of the skin on the neck

The skin on the neck is almost as thin and vulnerable as on the eyelids. Often it is she who gives out the first signs of aging. For those who like to read lying down or sleep on high pillows, the so-called rings of Venus – wrinkles on the neck – can appear even before the age of 30. It is very important not to forget about moisturizing and nourishing this area every day.

Glass of water

A glass of water – better than room temperature – in the morning on an empty stomach will invigorate the digestive system no worse than a contrast shower – the brain and body. It will take a few seconds and start the metabolism, prepare the intestines for work, help to cleanse the products of night metabolism more efficiently, and replenish the body’s moisture supply. To enhance the effect, you can add a little lemon juice or a spoonful of apple cider vinegar, but only if you do not have stomach problems.

Add moisture

The skin of any type needs regular hydration, or rather, a product that will help to avoid moisture evaporation. Here again, it is important to find a product that is right for you. Dry skin will most likely need a denser product, a light cream is suitable for normal and combination, and a gel or fluid that will reduce sebum production is suitable for oily or prone to inflammations. Apply in the morning and evening after washing.

Well, and the most important advice – you must love yourself! Stop looking for flaws in yourself, better identify and emphasize your merits. After all, if you are reading this inscription, it means that you care about yourself, but none of the above procedures and good habits will bring the desired result if you don’t like yourself in the mirror!