She’s engaged! So you know what that means… it means that it’s time to commence bachelorette party planning! When planning a bachelorette party, you can get overwhelmed with the excitement of it all but you have to stay focused and keep in mind who you’re planning it for.

Keeping your planning specific to the bride’s likes and interests is where it can get a little hard. You’re having to put aside your own likes and interests and plan it according to what the bride-to-be likes. You might want to plan the bachelorette party weekend in Nashville, Tennessee but the bride despises country music (you love country music). So it’s things like that to keep in mind. 

With it being such a large group of women attending these types of events, you also want to make sure that transportation is taken care of. The best financial route would be to charter a bus. You’d be able to calculate costs and find a rental that fits your budget.

If you decided to throw a party, do not forget about the decoration. The main idea is to make the place look like a party. You can use balloons and streamers to decorate the place, and bachelorette party banners to decorate the entrance to the party. You can add some color to it by putting different colored balloons in different parts of the room. You can also hang some colorful posters or pictures on the walls.

So obviously, when it comes to brides-to-be, no bride is alike… but there are “categories” that the different bride types fit into. We’re going to look at the different bride types and see how to plan a bachelorette party centered around that. And with that planning, we’re going to look at how to plan it in the City That Never Sleeps… New York City Baby! ranks New York as the number one location out of the top ten cities for a bachelorette bash.

Brief Synopsis of the Different Bride Types for the Bachelorette Party

The Go With the Flow Bride

This bride is very low-maintenance. She doesn’t really care about having a big or elaborate bachelorette party (or wedding for that matter…). Whatever you plan for her, she will love.

The Bougie Bride

This bride carries nothing but designer bags, she’s well-traveled and has more than likely already been to New York before but she doesn’t mind because she’s coming to New York for her bachelorette party. She is the bride who’s wedding hair will be pinned up to show off her great-grandmother’s vintage diamond earrings.

The Anything Goes Bride

This is the bride that looks at her bachelorette party as her “last hoorah” and she’s not holding back on anything! She wants the tiara and sash that says “bride,” she wants to see some naked men shake their groove thing on stage, and not remember a thing from the night before.

As you can imagine, there are various other “bride types” but we’re going to highlight these three and help you plan a bachelorette party weekend around them.

The “Go With the Flow” Bride Festivities

Upon arriving in New York, this bride is probably thinking the first night in town will be pretty chill but no… when you planned this party weekend, you had fun and action in mind! So the first thing you all will do is take a couple of shots, hop on the bus, and hit the streets!

You’re going to dance the night away at Friends and Lovers. This one of the hottest party spots in New York! And let’s face it… you didn’t travel to New York to be a wallflower. This is where you want everyone to “shake what their mama gave them!”

After that, the night isn’t over yet… everyone will now make their way over to Insa to do a little karaoke. Now, after karaoke, you can head on back to the hotel for a good night’s rest… When you wake up, you’ll take recovery measures at the Spa Castle. Then do it all over again!

The “Bougie” Bride Festivities

Again, this is a bride who’s “been there and done that” so just stick to the festivities you KNOW she’s going to enjoy. The “bougie” bride typically loves working out, so one of the first things you’ll want to do for her is to get her day started with a little Yoga at Y7 Studio.

Next, take her over to Bite Lip Lab to make her own lipstick… that’s something you can bet she’s never done before, being that she only wears designer brands, she’s probably never worn her own brand of lipstick.

And last, but certainly not least, take this bougie bride to get loose and let her hair down at Public Arts! The music and neon strobe lights will definitely have this “bougie” bride ready to boogie the night away and not remember a bit of it the next morning!

The “Anything Goes” Bride Festivities

If the bride-to-be is an “anything goes” type of bride then you know that your planning needs to come with the guns blazing… she is looking to have a really good time. To get her bachelorette party weekend kicked off to the right start make sure you have her and the girls ready for some eye candy at Hunk-O-Mania! It’s here, where this bride can fulfill any type of Magic Mike dreams she may have had!

After seeing rock hard abs and tattooed “tooshies,” you and the girls can head over for a little burlesque fun at The Box. To end the weekend, paint the town red with the queens at Lips New York!

Now, there is so much more to do in New York for bachelorette parties but these suggestions are just a few to help you with your planning. These suggestions are especially perfect if you’re planning for any of these types of brides!