Hey congratulations! You are already in the process of becoming the best version of yourself. As you are here to know what and how you can become the best version of yourself it is clear that you are determined to become one. Well, the secret lies in the simplest of things and a tad bit but very important changes in your lifestyle. Though there is no overnight process if you adapt these few things in your life then you’ll constantly evolve and become better.

1.  ‘Me-time’ – Every single day

If you want to become the best version of yourself then it is obvious that you should spare some time just for yourselves. Though this point seems very clear not everyone can take out the “me-time” for themselves. Your me-time could comprise of anything you had like to do – reading fiction, cooking your favorite cuisine, pampering yourself with a spa, sipping a cup of coffee in rains, playing your favorite instrument, listening to soulful music or catching up with your long lost hobbies.
The time you invest in yourself will always give you good returns.

2.  Express Gratitude

When gratitude becomes your attitude, you will understand the value of the tiniest things and it helps you change your thought-pattern. When you are grateful, you will find goodness in everything instead of making trivial issues huge. It will then help you let go of things that aren’t worth your time and energy. You will gradually realize that the ambiance around you is changing for the better and your relationships blooming.

3. Go with the flow

Sometimes you don’t know where you are heading. It happens and it’s okay. But these are the times where you need to just keep going because stepping forward slowly is better than taking none. With time you will figure out what god has planned for you which be assured is better than what you have thought of. The rule here is just don’t stop. Keep going! Keep growing!

4. Pause, Smile, and embrace change

While you keep going, it’s also important to pause (not stop) and look back. And being grateful for what you have achieved and received. Although in the process you change, people change and even times change. Embrace all because that’s what is molding you in your better version.

5.  Drink lots of water

Our mental wellness is correlated to our physical health. Let say when you are unwell your mind doesn’t work productively. Hence it is important to take care of your health. Just like you clear your thoughts, you have to flush out the toxins within, and drinking lots of water helps you detoxify. It might seem a little thing but the impact is huge as you have ample benefits when you drink more water. After all, to become better you have to feel good inside and out.

6.  Eat well

The correlation continues and hence eat mindfully. So, feed your mind with good thoughts and affirmations while your body with healthy food like lots of greens, handful of nuts etc. But mind it, you should love what you do even if it’s eating healthy. Otherwise, in long run, you might starve yourself or succumb to binge eating. You will find lots of amazing recipes on the net which will make your meal a happy one.

7.  Exercise for at least half an hour a day

Exercise not only helps you look great physically but does far more benefit than that. It is believed that exercise releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins. This chemical also helps you focus and improves memory and thinking capacity. It is also known to stimulate the growth of new brain cells and helps prevent age-related decline. So, next time when you find an excuse think again and never skip your workout from your regime.
Also, it will inculcate discipline in your daily lifestyle which is very important to evolve and become better.


8. Be kind, be polite, be humble

It might seem difficult initially to keep calm and control your anger every time. What you can do is identify your triggers and work on it. And the even simpler option is to understand this, ” When you finally learn that a person’s behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle than you, you learn grace.” by Allison Aars
When you learn to stay humble you will attract only good things to you which in turn will make you more humble, kind, and happy.

9. Appreciate others

When I say appreciate others by that I mean genuinely doing that. What it does is you not only encourage or make them happy but you too gain happiness sometimes or learn new things by observing others’ good work. In fact, when you find good in others you somehow take a few of their virtues too. You know that is why it is said to surround yourself with those who inspire you the most.

10. Stay Positive

One situation and many perspectives. Here comes the role of negative and positive vibes and how it affects. One person inclined to negative thoughts in every situation will think about why this happens to me while the other will think of it as an opportunity to learn something new. It’s important to work on your thought-pattern and channelize your energies productively. Better let go of unimportant things and prioritize which is of utmost importance. Take charge of yourself and manage negative emotions effectively.

Ultimately, you’ll find inner peace and joy in whatever you do. So, follow these tips and let us know what difference do you observe in yourself in the process of becoming the best version in the comment section below