Are you ready to find your dream wedding location? Let’s embark on a journey to discover the most enchanting and romantic places in the world for exchanging vows. From beautiful beaches to fairytale castles, and rustic countryside settings, we’ll explore the endless possibilities for your perfect day to have the most beautiful and magical dream wedding venues. Let your imagination run wild as we tailor every detail to perfection for a truly unforgettable experience.

1. Santorini, Greece

A dream wedding venue image in Santorini: A picturesque setting with stunning ocean views and white architectureSource

Santorini, Greece, is the answer if you want to have a wedding in between the bluest of seas, white washed infrastructure, a soothing weather and a perfect sunset. If you want to have a grand wedding celebration or an intimate wedding, Santorini is the perfect dream wedding venue and has a vast variety of  resorts and hotels.

2. Hawaii, USA

SourceDream wedding venues: A Hawaii wedding: Exchanging vows amidst palm trees, sandy beaches, and azure waters

The paradise for a beach destination wedding, Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its romantic beach side experience. Its stunning landscape, warm and pleasant climate, easy accessibility, vibrant culture will definitely make your Hawaii wedding look like magic.

3. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Dream wedding venues: An Amalfi Coast wedding: Romance amidst cliffside views, colorful buildings, and Mediterranean charm in ItalySource

Is food and wine your top priority? You’re in the right place. The Amalfi Coast, Italy, is known for its spectacular range of food and wines at the finest. Have you ever imagined saying, “I do” in the dramatic cliffs adorned with colourful buildings? This would be a purely romantic and intimate wedding.

4. Maldives

SourceDream wedding venues: A Maldives wedding: Saying 'I do' in paradise, surrounded by pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Do you want to slip into the newly-wed mood with ease? Having a wedding at the most beautiful tropical island of the Indian Ocean, The Maldives, will give you a slice of heaven. A wedding besides turquoise lagoons, secluded islands, coral reefs, luxurious overwater bungalows will make your day stand out in every way. Your wedding will speak of pure beauty and elegance.

5. Bali, IndonesiaDream wedding venues: A Bali wedding: Exchanging vows in tropical paradise, surrounded by lush greenery and serene beauty.


How about a luxe-for-less wedding? You’re in the right place, Bali would be a perfect blend for exotic charm and scenic beauty for a dreamy wedding venue.  It is known for its lush landscapes, beautiful beaches and vibrant culture. Moreover, the beautiful Bali honeymoon resorts can also be hosts for intimate dream weddings.

6. The BahamasA Bahamas wedding: Tying the knot in a tropical paradise, with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters as your backdrop.


Weddings at The Bahamas will be the most memorable romantic beach event. The Bahamas are made up of developed, hospitable islands that are isolated and tranquil. You will be able to create your ideal wedding to your exact specifications. A honeymoon and wedding may be combined into one! By doing this, you’ll be able to save time and money and change the landscape of your honeymoon by just skipping across to another island!

7. Udaipur, India

SourceA dream wedding venue in Udaipur: Exchanging vows amidst royal palaces, shimmering lakes, and vibrant culture in India.

Udaipur will fulfil your wish, if it is to have a fairytale wedding. Weddings in Udaipur will be a royal spectacle because of its royal architecture, captivating natural scenery, gastronomic delight, accessibility, cultural richness and warm hospitality. The enchanting aura of the city still resonates with the desires of couples, offering a timeless and unforgettable wedding experience.

8. Venice, Italy

A Venice wedding : Romance amid historic canals, ornate architecture, and timeless elegance in Italy.


Venice is the home to beautiful churches and so is an ideal venue if you want to have a wedding according to all the rituals and in a church. Venice is known for its grand canals, historic churches, gondola rides, stunning architecture and elegant palaces. Weddings in Venice are therefore exciting, magical and unforgettable.

9. Paris, France

A Paris wedding: Exchanging vows in the City of Love, with iconic landmarks and romantic ambiance all around.


How could any dream destination venue list be complete without adding ‘The City of Love’? Paris is a dream location for couples who are looking for a wedding with a list of different ways to host it. They can welcome guests with a grand buffet at a cafe, exchange vows in a chapel and host a reception on a boat. A wedding at this city can do it all.


A wedding venue is one of the most important thing on the couples dream day. The possibilities of wedding destinations are endless. So, here are a few dream wedding venues which will make you fall in love with each other all over again. This will help all the seekers, adventurers, lovers and romantics to decide better. Your wedding day will be cherished till your last breath, it will be surrounded by your loved ones, at your dream wedding venues.