One of the most important thing  in a makeup is lipstick. A perfect lipstick has the power to make you look gorgeous and more confident. Also, if you go wrong, it is enough to ruin your complete look. Simply choosing the correct shade is not enough. You must take care of certain essential things to achieve the perfect lipstick.

First things first, you should take care of your lips. It shouldn’t be dry and chapped. Other primary things to consider are how to do proper lining, keep it from smudging and the like. You must also know some tricks for the perfect lips look. Yes, with these tutorials you will learn to fake bigger and fuller lips as well. Furthermore, we have also collated some pictorials on how to wear the Ombre lipstick and others in trend!

1. DIY Scrub For Soft And Smooth Lips

Take care of your lips, scrub once in a while to remove the dead skin and moisturize for smooth and soft lips. If you don’t want to spend on the products and just like us you love DIY home products then you can try this recipe by Rougeimaginaire. This scrub will exfoliate as well as moisturize your lips.


Get detailed directions here.

DIY Lip Scrub

2. Proper Lip Lining

This is an important step that is to be done wisely. And here is how you should do it rightly!

Proper way of lip lining

3. Perfect Lipstick That Lasts Long And Don’t Smudge

Few steps to perfect long lasting lipstick – fill in, blot, powder and layer again!

Tutorial to make Your Lipstick Last

4. Ombre Lips Tutorial

Follow these steps and master the alluring gradient lip look.

ombre lipstick

5. Summer Ombre Lips

This is interesting! Ombre is just not going darker to lighter shade, it can be done reverse. Here it is with the amazing result. A great eye makeup it will complete and complement your look.

Ombre summer lips

6. Tutorial For Fuller Lips

This super easy tutorial is all you need to try to fake voluptuous lips like Kylie Jenner.

Fake fuller lips with this tutorial

7. More Than A Red Lipstick

Way too sexy lips from the usual red lipstick can be achieved in just few steps. Ladies, go for it! Pout Perfect!

Red Lipstick

8. Bigger And Fuller Lips Tutorial

Boost the size and shape of your lips with Lip Contouring Technique.

Tutorial for bigger lips


9. Vamp Lip Tricks

Not all can pull off the vampy lip look correctly. But with the step by step tutorial by Cupcakes And Cashmere, you can flaunt it confidently.

Vamp lip tutorial

10. Turn Your Lipstick Into Matte

Quick trick to get the matte lipstick look when you don’t have it!

Turn lipstick into matte finish

Apply these tips and tricks and wear your lipstick like a pro!