Days are gone when most of the office employees preferred formal attires at work place. The scenario is quite changed with the rise in number of entrepreneurs who have achieved early success, especially in tech industry. One common thing about these young CEO’s, is they have changed the typical office environment and established a new culture which is more of a casual style. But wait, if one can wear casuals then why carry an extra pair of clothes for your Yoga class or Gym which you are planning to attend after your work or if you have already attended one before visiting your office or college. Why not wear the same leggings, top tanks or sweatpants to the workplace or college? It didn’t take too long when people started feeling wearing active wear is cool at different settings. Now people started wearing workout outfits even when they are not planning to go for gym or yoga, as it is not just cool but also super comfy and yes saves time too. This change of mindset lead to rise of the trend called athleisure (athlete + leisure) clothing which is not just a trend now but a lifestyle adapted by many people and especially millennials.

One could also suggest that it must do with the rise in health and fitness awareness and the trend which has been set revolving around this industry. Many companies suggest their employees to stay fit and have integrated gym to their offices and so does many educational bodies. Clothing brands saw this as an opportunity and started lining up awesome collection of active wears, and why not to do it as everyone wants a piece of cake.

From Beyoncé to Rihanna everyone is promoting their line of athleisure and performance innerwear products which are not only active wear but also well designed, researched and technically integrated. This boom in athleisure clothing also made it possible for companies like Fabletics, co-founded by Kate Hudson, to generate revenues in hundreds of millions of dollars in a span of just 2 years. Fabletics has more than a million members in their online store and have six retail shops across United States. This tells about the success of the brands itself.

The best thing about athleisure clothing is that it is not only supremely comfortable and make you look surprisingly awesome but are generally more durable, with properties like wrinkle and odor resistance incorporated into its tech-infused fibers. This trend is accepted by many people and are best to wear not only in gym or yoga classes but also at good to go at night out or in a casual party depending on how you wear it. Here are few styling tips to ensure that your look reads more sophisticated and you wear athleisure clothing like a pro.

1. Sports Bra + Capri + Jacket

Athleisure Jacket Capri Bra

2. Seamless Full Sleeve Top + Shorts

Full Sleeve Seamless Top and Shorts

3. Tank Top + Seamless Capri Tight

Tank top seamless capri tight

4. Long Sleeve Top + Capri

Long Sleeve Top and Capri

5. Hoodie + Capri

Hoddie Capri

6. Sports Bra + Tank Top + Jogger

Sports bra tank top capri jogger

7. Sports Bra + Tank Top + Capri

Sports Bra Tank Top Capri

8. Tank Top + Shorts

Tank Top and Shorts Athleisure

9. Short Sleeve Top + Jogger

Short Sleeve Top and Jogger

10. Dash Bra + High Waisted Legging

Dash Bra High Waisted Leggings Athleisure

11. Casual Top + Legging

Medium Sleeve Top Legging Athleisure

12. Jacket + Short

Jacket and Short Athleisure

We hope you would like the above active wear styles. This is a rapidly evolving industry and soon we would see much more trends and styles adapted by people following this lifestyle. We would keep posting the new styles as we always do 🙂

All images are sourced from Fabletics.