Having a contoured visage has become a beauty goal among celebrities and beauty influencers, and this is the reason why surgical procedures to slim the face have become popular in recent years. Moreover, this trend has pushed a big demand for contour kits, and almost everybody from the Kardashian sisters to YouTube vloggers Tati Westbrook and James Charles has released their own contour palettes to help makeup enthusiasts achieve a more chiseled look. Getting facial liposuction will certainly help to reduce the volume in your cheeks. And if you’re handy with a makeup brush, you can get a supermodel-worthy side profile with some skillfully-placed shadows and highlights on your face. However, there are other ways to get a sharper jawline and more pronounced cheekbones. If you’re looking to have a slimmer face, find out how these non-invasive treatments and procedures can give your face a sculpted look.

Botox Shots

Beauty enthusiasts know that  Botox injections can do a great job in preserving one’s youthful looks and improving the look of wrinkles and lines. Currently, it’s the treatment of choice for those who don’t want a dramatic change in their facial features but are after a younger and more refreshed look. However, did you know that Botox can also help to give you a slimmer face? Those who have a square-shaped jaw can get Botox injections in the jawline to reduce the size of the facial muscles there. This will result in having a slimmer, V-shaped jawline that looks great when viewed from any angle. While it’s certainly a fast and effective way to have a contoured look, it’s important to know that the effect is temporary and that it lasts for a maximum of 6 months only. After the injection wears off, patients may opt to have the same treatment all over again.

Ultherapy Treatments

Ultherapy is an FDA-approved treatment that helps lift sagging skin on the chin, brow, and neck, and it’s a popular skin-firming procedure as it requires no downtime at all. However, it’s also often used as a facial slimming treatment, as Ultherapy uses heat to melt facial fat and produce a tightening effect. It’s often recommended to those who have full cheeks and double chins, and while most people will benefit from just one treatment, others may need more Ultherapy sessions to maintain results.

Chin Fillers

Injecting fillers into the chin may seem like a strange thing to do, especially if you’re going for a sculpted look. However, having fillers injected onto this area can help to give the face a more balanced look as it can elongate a chin that’s too short or round. Once your chin has been enhanced, your face will look smaller and slimmer in an instant. Most people get chin fillers after getting Botox injections on their jaw to get the ultimate facial slimming effect.

Fat-Freezing Treatments

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved treatment that is commonly used in body slimming clinics. Now, the same technology used to reduce body fat is being used to give faces a more contoured look. CoolMini is the latest innovation used to treat stubborn fat on your thigh, arms, chin and neck area, and what it does is it vacuums the fat out of facial muscles, “freezes” it, and after some time, the fat is flushed out of the body the natural way. It usually takes two months before you can see an improvement in the treated areas, so you’ll need to be patient. The good thing is that there’s no downtime after undergoing the procedure, so you can go back to your regular routine after getting a CoolMini treatment.

Microcurrent Facials

Microcurrent treatments have been around for decades and they’re often used to treat those who have muscle paralysis. But after it was found that it can improve sagging facial skin, aesthetic treatment clinics and dermatological clinics have started offering microcurrent facials to give their patients a taut and toned visage. After just one treatment, you’ll notice that facial puffiness is reduced, your jawline is more defined, and your cheekbones are more prominent. However, results are not permanent, so you’ll need to do monthly treatments to maintain that sculpted look.

A Traditional Facial Massage

Facial massagers and jade rollers have been touted to give faces a slimmer look, however, it may take a long time before you can see noticeable results by only using these tools. While self-massage may certainly help to encourage lymphatic drainage and decrease puffiness, having it done by a professional will result in having a slimmer face without the risks of overstimulation or tugging, which can lead to wrinkles. A skilled aesthetician who knows how to do Gua Sha, a type of Asian facial massage that uses flexible boards to massage the face, can help you get a sharper jawline and a longer and slimmer neck after just one hour of treatment. Plan on having this kind of massage every two months for the best results.

Going Natural

Apart from these procedures and treatments, there are natural things that you can do to have a slimmer face. First, reduce your salt intake to avoid bloating, and cut down on the refined sugars and flour to reduce puffiness. You may also want to increase your water intake as it can reduce fluid retention and prevent facial swelling. Exercise can also help to bring down facial puffiness — and as a bonus, your body will also get leaner, so you’ll have a slim face and body in no time at all.

Having a contoured visage can make you look younger and more attractive as it emphasizes your facial structure. Moreover, having a slimmer face will allow you to look better in pictures and videos, so you’ll be confident to keep uploading new content in your social media feeds. Consider these non-invasive treatments to give your face a more sculpted look. Before you do, make sure to do your research or get referrals, and only go to a professional or a licensed aesthetician for facial treatments to ensure good results.