Addressing your allergies requires help from a qualified doctor because you need to know what your allergies are, how to treat them, and how to create a treatment plan for yourself. You will go through many different plans until you have cured your allergy. There are many people who would prefer to come in and learn about their allergies because they come up with a plan. There are others who know what their allergies are, and they need to have a new treatment plan that includes a new allergy serum.

Does Everyone Have Allergies?

Everyone has an allergy to something, but they are all different. The majority of patients who have allergies are allergic to pollen. They have a few sniffles during the pollen season, but they are not in such bad shape that they need to have a big Treatment done. This all depends on what their allergies are, and you need to start with the tests. Testing can tell you everything you need to know, and you can use that information to control your allergies.

Allergies Must Be Uncovered

allergies must be uncovered because they could be hidden below the surface. Some people are allergic to peanuts, but their allergies are so faint that they do not realize it. However, they could eat a particular nut that will cause their body to react poorly. The tests can give you an idea of which allergies you have, and you can start avoiding all the things that are very bad for you. You are building up a profile that you can use to care for yourself, and you need to see if you can get a specific serum that will address only these issues.

What Is The Serum?

The serum is something that you use when you want to protect your body from allergies, and it should be given to you more than once over a series of appointments with the doctor. Dr. Rubinstein needs to track your progress, and he needs to know that you have improved. He is trying to make your body easier to manage, and he will ask you if you have seen a reduction in your overall discomfort. You could get a different allergy serum, or you could have the serum dosage increased because your body is not coping well. There are a number of reasons why you need this allergy serum, but it is only part of the process.

Allergies Change

Allergies change all the time. A child who was allergic to eggs when they were little might not be allergic when they become a teenager. Someone who had a slight allergic reaction to peanuts could have a much worse reaction later on. You might turn out to be more allergic to something because your body is not coping well as you get older. You need to remember that there is a profile for your allergies that could be used when you go to a new doctor, move to a new area, or want to address other health problems that you have.

Kids Need To Test Early

You need to bring kids in early so that they can get on a serum that will help them remain safe when they go to school and other places where it is hard to control what they are eating or how they behave. There are many kids who will need to be tested because they have a bad reaction just one time, and that is why you should not wait. You need to know what their allergies are, and you need to have a plan for addressing it. You need to have protocols in your home, and you should be sure that you have followed Dr. Rubenstein’s orders when you go home. You need to know what to do when you have come in to contact with something that would cause a reaction, and you also need to be sure that you have chosen the protocols that you need for the house.

You Can Get Yearly Tests

You can get yearly tests, and you will find that you could change the way you approach your allergies if you get a brand new test. The test could tell you that you have a new problem that was not there before, and you might also want to be sure that you have come in at the same time every year to get that assessment. You could make some changes to the way that you are handling your allergies, and you get a chance to talk to Dr. Rubinstein about what he would do given your current situation. The simplest thing that you can do is to ask questions, change the way you handle yourself at home, and never worry about having a bad reaction because you were unaware of the problem.

Best Medications

You could be putting on serum and a medication. You might need to have both of these because there is no other way for you to stop your allergy. You will have something in your system that makes feel better, and you could have the injections once a year so that you know you are protected from the long term problems that present themselves at the worst times.


The best thing that you can do is come in and ask if there is a way to handle all the allergies that you believe you have. You might be suspicious, but you should have the tests done so that you know what your specific allergies are, you need to talk to Dr. Rubinstein, if you have any concerns about the treatment program, and you should be tested every year so that you have a good idea of what your profile looks like. You cannot assume you have allergies, and you need to know if they are changing so that you can get the right medication and the right allergy serum.

Dr. Rubinstein is a board-certified professional located in New York. Please visit his site if you’re in need of an allergist in the Hudson Valley area