Magnetic field therapy is a pain-relieving process that uses a therapeutic magnetic field to relieve pain and helps with recovery from a variety of issues. In addition to pain relief and recovery, magnetic therapy also helps boost your overall health. Many health professionals like neurologists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists use magnet therapy for pain management. The magnets used in this kind of therapy aren’t like the traditional magnets that you find on refrigerators’ doors. However, health professionals use bio magnets that are manufactured for mental and physical healing. This kind of therapeutic magnet is integrated into rings, bracelets, or shoe insoles. The origin of magnet therapy dates back to 2000 years ago, healers from Asia and Europe used magnets to treat different kinds of ailments because they believed that magnets have the power to draw any disease from the body. The belief is that magnets have energy fields that surround and infiltrate the human body.

According to different companies that sell therapeutic magnets, the magnets inside the bracelets, rings, or any other devices increase blood flow in the area where the device is worn, this blood flow is believed to heal tissues faster. Magnet therapy may be a new concept to some people, while others might have heard of it from a friend but don’t know much about the process. Keep reading, and you will learn everything you need to know about magnet therapy and why you should try it. 

Helps With Depression

Magnet therapy helps a lot with depression, this kind of therapy involves something that is called transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS. The TMS method uses high-intensity electromagnetic pulses in order to stimulate the nerve cells that are associated with depression in the brain. TMS manages to help people who don’t respond well to antidepressant medications. So what happens during a TMS session? A medical professional places an electromagnetic coil against your scalp near the forehead. The electromagnet directs a magnetic pulse that stimulates nerve cells at a specific region in the brain and helps the brain to release mood-relieving neurotransmitters. This procedure must be used under medical supervision, but you don’t need to worry as it is painless. When you suffer from depression, the activity in certain regions of the brain decreases, and TMS is believed to activate these regions back to their normal state. 

Before the TMS session, you need to prepare for the procedure by having a physical exam and lab tests. You will also need to talk to your therapist to get a psychiatric evaluation. These evaluations are important, so you can be sure that TMS is safe for you. You must tell your doctor immediately if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, have any medical device implanted in your body, taking any medications, have a history of seizures, have severe headaches, or have any other medical disorders. 

Helps With Pain

There are naturally magnetic and electric fields in your body because every molecule inside of you has a magnetic field in them. In some cases, your body may have a magnetic field imbalance, and it is believed that if you put a magnetic field near your body, it will go back to normal. To know more about the effects of magnetic fields, the team behind explains that if you have inflammation in your hand that is caused by injuries, infection, or chronic disease, you can wear a magnetic bracelet that will work on improving your blood circulation and resolve the inflammation more quickly. Magnetic bracelets, necklaces, and bangles will work fast on reducing any redness or swelling. This kind of magnetic jewelry will also release any pain or discomfort and protect your body from the added strain of inflammation. There is a reason why people who have arthritis wear this kind of bracelets as they help them with the pain. Since magnets improve blood circulation, it helps relieve any pain that is caused by injuries or arthritis. Magnetic field therapy is also used with insomnia, headaches, and fibromyalgia pain. Sometimes after an injury, your joints can feel less flexible and stiff which can lead to more pain and tighter muscles. This is again where magnetic bracelets come in handy because of how they affect your circulations and pain levels. Magnetic bracelets also promote relaxation and improve your balance. 

Types Of Magnetic Therapy

Static Magnetic Field Therapy

Static Magnetic field therapy is a kind of therapy that somehow involves having a magnet on your skin. This is done by wearing a magnetic bracelet, a magnetic ring, a magnetic necklace, or any other magnetic jewelry. You can even put a magnet in your bandage or wear one as a shoe insole. There are also special mattress pads with magnets in them that you can sleep on to help with your sleeping disorder. To sum up, this kind of therapy works when you have a magnet touching your skin.

Magnetic Therapy With Acupuncture

During an acupuncture session, the acupuncturist focuses on the same section of your skin that magnets usually go on. These areas are believed to be called energy pathways or channels.

Electromagnetic Therapy

Electromagnetic Therapy

Electromagnetic therapy or electrically charged magnetic therapy involves using magnets that have an electric charge. The electromagnetic therapy treatment requires electromagnetic pulses to be applied directly to your injury in order to relieve your pain. This treatment is usually used by orthopedists.

Now that you have learned about magnet therapy, a question remains: should you try it? The thing is sometimes, using medications doesn’t always help. Just like if you suffer from depression and antidepressant medications don’t work for you then there is no harm in trying magnet therapy. If you are also in pain as a result of an injury or just have inflammation as a result of exercise, stress, or an unhealthy diet then you can try a piece of magnetic jewelry like a bracelet. If you also suffer from a sleeping disorder then you should try sleeping on a special mattress pad with magnets. Magnet therapy can be a cure to many ailments, so you can give this treatment a try but remember to check with your doctor or psychiatrist first.