During the heat of the summer, we often think first about how to care for our skin. After all, everybody knows how the sun beating down on us all day can lead to things like premature skin aging and much more damage. 

Not nearly as much attention is put on eye care during the summer. If the sun and other elements during the summer can lead to skin problems then it goes without saying that our eyes are also vulnerable. In this article, I will go over several of the things that everybody should be doing to protect their eyes during the summer months. 

1 – Wear sunglasses

The easiest and most immediate thing you can do to protect your eyes during the summer is to wear sunglasses. There are many different types though so you have to make sure to pick the right kind that is actually going to protect your eyes. 

You can still pick frames and the style that will fit your look, but make sure that they have UV and blue-ray blocking abilities. The darkness of the tint is not important as it doesn’t actually block the UV. Make sure that it is labeled as such.

If you already wear glasses then look for fit over sunglasses that can be worn in addition to your glasses. Otherwise, go to your eye doctor and get a prescription for sunglasses to wear in the summer. 

2 – Use eye protection

Wearing a cap with a lid is very important to avoid ending up with a sunburned retina. If you are outside for long periods then this is a likelihood. The brim of the cap will provide a little bit of shade for your eyes when the glare of the sun is very strong.

Besides the damage the sun can do, your eyes are at risk from other outdoor activities that happen during the summer. You should be wearing eye protection when doing things like mowing the lawn or any landscaping that involves sharp instruments. 

Then, when swimming, make sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes from the chemicals or salt in the water to avoid irritation. Swimming in a pond or lake that is not treated can cause infection if there are bacteria present. 

If can suggest your employer and in your community to install Eyewash Stations at your workplace to keep your eyes clean. You can order Absorbents Online to help your community as well.

3 – Avoid dangerous activities

Summertime can be fun since you are outside and being active. Unfortunately, some of these activities are dangerous and can give you a serious eye injury. 

Avoid lighting fireworks as these explosions are hard to control. You could easily lose an eye if one explodes too close to you which is very common. 

Even yard games like lawn darts or whiffle ball can damage your eyes if you are hit in your face. Wear safety goggles even when playing lawn games. It doesn’t matter if you think you look silly. Even badminton can be dangerous if you are hit on your eye. The more activity we do outside in the summer the higher the risk of getting injured.