Why do Marylanders love their crab cakes? Learn why Maryland crab cakes are the best seafood out there in this guide to the food.

Did you know that crab cakes were invented in the 1930s?

Although they may be relatively new to the scene, crab cakes have made a big splash in the culinary world in the last century.

If you’re on a mission to taste the best crab cakes in the world, then you need to plan a trip to Maryland.

Do you want to learn why Maryland crab cakes are so popular? Keep reading to understand the hype!

True Maryland-Style Crab Cakes Are Minimalistic

Although you can find crab cakes anywhere around the country, you won’t find any restaurant that can top the taste of a Maryland crab cake.

The reason why their crab cakes are superior is that their recipes are more simple. Since they use fewer ingredients, the crabs can shine.

In order to cut down on production costs, many restaurants that serve crab cakes use a lot of filler. The best Maryland crab cakes are made almost completely from crabmeat alone. The only other ingredients, like butter, mayonnaise, or Old Bay Seasoning, are there to enhance the crab flavor.

Chesapeake Bay Crabs Taste Better

Most species of crab live in the ocean. Chesapeake blue crabs are special because they live in an estuary. Crabs find it easy to thrive in estuaries because of the abundance of nutrients available there.

As a result of their great diet, Maryland crab meat is sweeter and richer than other types of crab meat.

It also helps that Marylanders know how to cook these crabs to preserve their flavor. Instead of boiling the crabs as most people do, they steam them so the juices don’t get lost in the water.

Maryland Crab Cakes Are Made with Love

If you want to learn how to eat crabs, a Marylander is the best person to ask.

Crabs have been a focal point in their culinary history, so they have a lot of pride when it comes to preparing all types of crab dishes. Don’t be surprised if every Marylander you meet has a special crab recipe that’s been passed down for generations.

When you eat a Maryland crab cake, you’re tasting a piece of history that has been cherished and refined for almost a century. If you want to eat the best version of any dish, it’s always smart to go to the source!

Crab Cakes Are Versatile

Another reason why Maryland crab cakes are amazing is that you can serve them so many different ways.

You can dress them up with a rich sauce and salad or you can keep them casual with coleslaw and beer. No matter what the occasion is, crab cakes are always big crowd-pleasers.

Have You Ever Had an Authentic Maryland Crab Cake?

If you’ve never had Maryland Crab Cakes before, then you’re missing out. Once you try them, you’ll see why Marylanders are so obsessed with their flavor and texture!

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