Finding the right money management international apps can help you get a serious hold on the financial expenses. Getting personal finances in order is something that holds high relevance in any lifestyle. Irrespective of how much you earn, it is in the best interest to understand where the money goes to.

To be upfront here, women already have more than enough on the plate. We do tend to overthink or find ways to make sure that we are conscious of every action. Worrying about the finances typically falls in one of the top categories causing stress. Fortunately. the internet offers a myriad of money management app options these days. They not only allow you to track spending but also to check the bank balances, analyze the habits and even manage investments. Many of these apps could be used both online and offline and could be synced across multiple devices. So using the best micro-investing apps is easy, and there are plenty of options available to get started.

Here are the best budgeting apps available today to keep track of your funds.

 1. Mint

 As one of the oldest and efficient money management apps, Mint has stood out among the crowd for a long time. The apps come with access to a long array of banks and investment accounts to start with. The focus of the app is a bit more leaning towards budgeting rather than the investment options.

Mint automatically registers transactions across the linked bank accounts and credit cards, allowing to keep track of the budget the user has set for the month.

The options for various categories are quite detailed, with the option to customize it as well. The most important and useful tool would the bill reminders the apps send out and the option to pay the bills right from the app itself.


 2. You Need a Budget

 This money management app screams to everyone that having a budget is not about restrictions but achieving goals. As the users affectionately call it, YNAB takes a different approach by tailoring budgets based on your earning capacity.

The app also uses colorful charts and graphs to indicate where each dollar goes. It could be used for individuals or even for couples, across both desktop and mobile interfaces. The feature to link the bank accounts is also useful, while the app also offers the option to manual enter expenses. There are goal tracking features that encourage one to reach the saving goals too.


 3. Acorns

 Unlike any other money management app, Acorns is actually an investment by itself. It is partially a savings app that further offers opportunities to invest too. Once you connect the app to a bank card or bank account, Acorns will allocate the changes from every purchase you make as an investment. When these savings reach $5, it gets transferred to the Acorns investment account, which is managed by Acorns robot-advisors itself.

You can also make separate contributions by choosing a recurring or one-time contribution plan. Acorns are currently available as a PC version or mobile application.


4. Goodbudget

 Goodbudget is one of the best apps available for couples to share the expenses and budgeting together. The app allows sharing and syncing across multiple devices and also with budgeting partners on both iOS and Android.

The features are particularly useful couples with shared finances but it works well for individuals too. With the feature of envelopes, users can set aside specific amounts for different categories.


 5. Personal Capital

 Personal capital is the best money management app for investors. The app offers a complete investing solution with a hybrid robot and human advisor for your portfolio. Personal Capital comes with a free dashboard to keep track of investments, budgeting features.

It also opens up options to manage the investment portfolio, know about different assets, advise on retirement plans and even helps with identifying hidden fees involved in different transactions. It is primarily a money management tool for investments rather than for budgeting. However, it is equally efficient for linking accounts and follows how the money is spent.


6. Albert

 Albert is more like having a personal financial assistant on your fingertips. It automatically creates a budget for you, helps to set aside savings and identify where you are overpaying. Few of the features in Albert come only in paid versions, but it is well worth to get the hybrid AI and human guidance for finances.

The app allows communication to financial experts to get insight into your budget plans and get advice regarding investment.

Between the busy schedules, taking care of the family, yourself and trying to be the best for others, finding time to make informed decisions about finances is not always possible. But with the right technology, now it is possible to expert in finances both individually and along with your partner.