For women exploring careers right now, there are several hot choices that are worth investigating. The trends during the past decade reveal that the top ten selections have shifted around quite a lot. That’s partly due to the volatile economy, changing marketplace, and altered personal preferences. Not many years ago, law school was the most popular path for females graduating college. Slowly, the number one slot gave way to various other professions, jobs, and entrepreneurial interests.

What’s trending for 2023? In addition to explosive growth in all levels of education, women are deciding to build careers in real estate investing, nutrition, precious metals speculation, medicine, entrepreneurship, speech therapy, writing, finance, accounting, and more. Review the following investment and career choices that are among the most popular for women today, and see which one’s appeal to you.


For decades, females have dominated the teaching profession, and that’s still the case in the 2020s. Of particular note is that the vast majority of early-year educators, for kindergarten through third grade, are women. One reason the field is at or near the top of everyone’s career choice list is that pay rates and benefits have improved considerably. Non-college instructors are no longer confined to low pay, few retirement account options, and long hours. Modern school districts, especially in larger cities, offer generous IRA, 401(k), and thrift savings plan menus for staff and educators. Additionally, most schools offer incoming teachers a clear career ladder with distinct milestones every few years.

Investing in Real Estate

The beauty of investing in real estate is that there are multiple directions and sub-categories within the field. In addition to single-family homes, commercial properties, and raw land, many women choose to invest in Section 8 housing as a stand-alone area of interest or in combination with other kinds of properties. It’s worth noting that Section 8, formally called the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is a creation of the US government. Its primary purpose is to assist three categories of people: the elderly, the disabled, and low-income individuals or families. For potential real estate investors, it’s imperative to know how Section 8 works, what categories of people qualify for the program, how they apply to be in it, and what the specific requirements are for eligibility. Building a real estate portfolio means assembling a range of properties, and Section 8 can be an excellent way to diversify your holdings.

Nutrition & Dietician Jobs

The nutrition and dietetics sub-categories of the health field have enjoyed massive growth over the past decade, and the popularity of these two areas continues unabated today. In every setting, clinical and otherwise, women comprise a majority of dieticians and nutritionists. An advantage for new entrants is that there is a high demand for trained professionals in hospitals, medical practices, fitness gyms, corporations, and stand-alone healthcare businesses.

Precious Metal Investments

Once a male-centered field, precious metals businesses are now as likely to be started by a woman as by a man. One factor that has spurred interest in precious metals as a stand-alone business model for entrepreneurs is the low cost of entry and substantial profit potential. One challenge for those interested in the pursuit is that it can take about six months before owners earn enough income to be self-sufficient. An effective way to overcome the initial low-income phase is to begin while keeping a traditional job. Then, when you start to build up a steady customer base as a precious metals broker, consider going full-time and establishing your brokerage as a leader in the community and online sales.

Retail and Restaurant Entrepreneurship

Women owned restaurants and retail stores regularly rank among the top preferences for young female entrepreneurs. For first-time owners, it helps to have at least three years of experience in the business, either as an assistant manager or marketing rep. Those who already have a decent working knowledge of the niche won’t have to spend as much time learning the basics of advertising, promotion, quality control, and budgeting.

Cryptocurrency Speculation

One of the newest career segments for female investors is cryptocurrency. For those willing to put their own capital on the line, it’s important to know that volatility is the hallmark of the crypto space. However, a well-diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies, precious metals, stocks, and commodities can go a long way toward offsetting a significant portion of the risk inherent in the new field. One advantage of this form of financial speculation is that investors can calibrate their risk to their level of comfort. Plus, there are several reputable online brokers who specialize in working with newcomers to the cryptocurrency markets.


In eras past, one of the primary ways women entered the medical profession was via nursing. While nurses still account for the majority of female workers in medicine, their numbers are growing rapidly in areas like psychiatry, physician assistants, general practitioners, surgery, oncology, and dentistry. Whatever sub-category of the medical arena you choose, expect to attend at least one year of schooling after earning a college degree.


The financial sector is expanding, even amid a weak economy and an ailing stock market. Some of the top opportunities available for new entrants include working for hedge funds, brokerage-related positions, all categories of the banking profession, accounting, financial planning, and debt collection. Investment counselors are a combination of accounting and brokerage workers, but the field is growing rapidly as more small businesses and retired individuals seek the assistance of licensed professionals who can help them get the highest return on their capital. Online, licensed stock brokers who pass the traditional series of tests work on commission and often combine the job with another part-time position. 

One way to get a promotion if you work in the financial sector and enhance your career prospects is by obtaining relevant certifications. Certifications such as Series 7, offered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), can significantly boost the credibility and marketability of professionals in brokerage-related positions. These certifications validate the knowledge and expertise required to navigate the complexities of investment strategies and securities regulations. Aspiring investment counselors and online licensed stock brokers can benefit from comprehensive Series 7 learning resources and guides provided by Career Employer test prep experts, which can help them to effectively prepare for the Series 7 exam and equip them with the necessary skills to excel in their roles.


Females outnumber men by about 60% to 40% in all the writing professions. That includes fast growing segments like website content creation, independent blogging, resume writing, technical editing, and book authorship. Most new writers have other jobs unless they’re employed full-time by an agency, corporation, or government agency. In the 2020s, online content, including white papers and technical studies, has dominated the paid niche for new and established writers.