Blonde hair Wig comes in a range of different styles and colors.

Suiting different people in their own unique way, wigs have become a major fashion accessory for people around the world, for many reasons.

One of the many different styles of blonde hair wig available, one of them that are quite popular, happens to be of those that are blonde.

The natural hair color of people indigenous to northern Europe, blond hair is one of the more popular hairstyles which have become quite popular in many fashion circles.

As a result of this, there are today a variety of different blonde hair wigs available in the market, to cater to this demand. One of them happens to be that of 613 blonde hair wig.

For those who aren’t familiar with the 613 blonde hair wig, it would be a good thing to know about the product a little.

There are several things that can be mentioned here, about the 613 blonde hair wigs. Some of the most important aspects of this wig are given in the list below:

Nature of the Wig

The wig is just like any other wig available in the market place, only that it is blonde in color.

Think of it as being just another variety of wig that is up for sale colored blonde.

The Number 613

The number 613, sometimes given as ‘#613’, is actually a reference to the color code of the blonde hair. In other words, the 613 is used to denote the exact color code of the hair being sold, so as to give buyers an idea about the product on sale.

The code itself comes from the Pantone Company, which specializes in color systems to adequately describe tints and shades across industries. You can find more information about the industry, by visiting Pantone.

Details about Blonde Hair Color

The wig is blonde in coloration, similar to that found in northern Europeans.

In addition to this, it should be added that the color is not some random shade of blonde. On the contrary, it is a very light blonde tint, as opposed to what some refer to as a ‘dirty blonde’ hair.

Also to add here is that there are many wigs that are sold under the title of being 613 blondes, even though they aren’t. They may appear to be blonde at first glance, and indeed they are, but they don’t really have the sort of light coloration that you would expect from a true 613 blonde wig.

Notably, for blonde wigs, you may want to check for a selection that captures the natural appearance of blonde hair, ensuring a seamlessly authentic look, making it a true blonde hair naturally.

Nature of the 613 Hair Materials

Coming to the actual material used for the hair, it is made using natural fibers, as opposed to artificial ones.

Quite often, the source of the hair comes from people who naturally have this hair coloration. And then there are others, whose hair coloration may change, but which have been treated through various industrial processes to have this particular tint.

Either way, the fact is that the material used for 613 hairs is usually obtained from natural sources, as opposed to artificial ones.

The versatility of the Wig

One of the best advantages of this wig is that it is very easy to work with.

Given that its origin is a natural and not synthetic one, it can be easily styled in any way that the wig wearer desires. This includes everything from simple curls to complicated designs. And this holds true for both wigs as well as extensions available in this exact specification.

Due to this reason, people who would like to use blonde wigs prefer to go for the 613 blonde wigs.

Weight of the Wig

Another trait about this wig that should be pointed out is that it is fairly light on the scalp.

There are many people who complain about how many wigs tend to feel ‘heavy’ for the wearer. This is, however, not the case when it comes to 613 blonde wigs.

The wig is very light on the scalp, which allows for it to be worn without having to feel any kind of discomfort or inconvenience. Usually, the weight tends to be no more than around 200-300g.

The Ability to Dye

Another big advantage of the 613 blonde wigs is the ability to dye it.

Almost all wigs, especially those which are natural, can be dyed with great results. But at the same time, a lot of them do leave much to be desired, especially in the case of darker ones.

This is because the darker coloration of the base (hair strand), makes it difficult for the dye color to stand out. In the case of the 613 blonde wigs however, the light color of the base allows for the color of the dye, especially those that are darker, to stand out brilliantly.

In addition to this, given that most dyes are made for natural hair, the 613 blonde wigs make an ideal candidate for this sort of fashion customization.

The Wigs are Preplucked

The 613 blonde wigs come pre plucked, meaning that it will give you a great appearance when you finally put it on.

For those who are not familiar with the term ‘pre-plucked’, it is a reference to the fact that the wig comes with a natural hairline, in which the ‘baby hairs’ are plucked before the finishing. This gives the final product a very natural appearance, as opposed to those wigs which haven’t been pre plucked.

The end result of it all is that the 613 wig allows you to enjoy a very natural hairstyle.

The Wigs Come in a Variety of Sizes

It is fact that everyone has their own unique taste.

This is something which is apparent in the case of hairstyles as well. Some people have a preference for short hair, while others prefer long locks.

The 613 blonde wigs come in a variety of different sizes, allowing for all of your fashion fantasies to come alive. In addition to this, you will always have the freedom to modify the wig the way you want it to be.

The Product is DIY Compliant

Last but not least, the 613 Blonde wig is DIY (do it yourself) complaint, in terms of putting it on and using it in daily life.

There is not much effort involved if you would like to put it on. You can use it as you would in the case of any other DIY wig, with regard to the application of adhesives and other fastening methods.

This makes it very useful for everyday use.

In all, it should be added that there are indeed other advantages and benefits to the 613 blonde wigs as well.

The above is simply one of the most important ones, as opposed to being the only ones. Do look into the subject a bit more if you would like to get a better understanding of this interesting little hairpiece variety.