Baby formula or Infant Milk is a packed food product designed for feeding babies under the age of 12 months, made for cup-feeding from powder. The US Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) says that “the infant formula is a food which is represented for special dietary use merely for infants due to its imitation of human milk.”  The contents of the infant formula is made upon the basics of human mother’s milk. Most of the infant formulas contain cow’s milk, a bit of vegetable oil (as a source of fat), Carbohydrates (in the form of lactose) and a mixer of vitamins and minerals. These formulas are made to replace the breast-feeding method in the form of powder (with or without water).

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) the infant formulas are prepared in compliance with applicable “Codex Alimentauris”. It is a safe and the most suitable food to substitute breast-feeding. There are various reasons because of which the breast-feeding method is medically contraindicated; such as mother’s health or the baby’s inability to breast-fed. In these cases, the parents opt for the infant milk formulas. Infant milk formulas come in ready-to-feed and in a liquid form.

The Types of baby formulas.

There are various types of baby formulas such as Enfamil infant formula, Enfagrow Toddler Next step Milk drink, Similac go and grow and Holle baby formula.The most well-known and certified baby formula is Holle formula. This formula is manufactured from 99% organically grown ingredients. The remaining 1% of the components are vitamins and minerals.  To make this formula creamy and filling, the manufactures add up the organic starch and maltodextrin.

The Holle baby formula is free from the chemicals, pesticides and other harmful components which keeps your baby healthy and safe. They only use the raw organic stuff which guarantees their supply of highest quality products. In fact, these formulas are free from the genetically modified ingredients and doesn’t contain artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. They have wide range of food products like baby milk infants, jars and other products.

Another organic formulas?

It is accepted that breast milk is the ideal milk to feed the babies but not all the mothers can breast-fed their babies. So the next best option to feed them is the Organic Baby Formulas.  Organic infant formulas only contain natural ingredients and they are also sourced from the farms. These organic formulas are made from the certified organic components. One of the most known site for these products are The Little Moo Organics. They sell these products at affordable rates. Their fast shipping services are very appreciated. There are various types of products available on their site like the hipp formula, holle formula, lebenswert and cereals.

Easier forms to prepare the formula

The forms of organic formulas are:

  1. The ready to use- It is one of the most preferred form of formula as it doesn’t require preparations. You just need to open the product and serve it in the bottle. Maternity Hospitals prefer to choose this type of form.
  2. Powdered formula- This form of the formulas are the popular among the parents. As it is a cost-effective method and an environmental friendly. A parent just need to follow the instructions given on the product and serve it to the baby.
  3.  Liquid Essence- Under this form, equal amount of powder and water are to be added to prepare the formula. In this form, the adult has to carefully read the steps prepare the feed. This form is slightly faster to prepare than the other two.