It is truly said, “To the world you may only be one person; yet to one person you may be the world!” .

Finding an adoptive parent and giving him/her happy childhood is just like that. All orphans feel a life-long sorrow about having been given up by their birth parents. What they wish for is a forever family! And every child deserves a family. They are all God’s gift to be look after and taken care of. But unfortunately, myriads of children are living their life on the streets without parents and without love. The thought is devastating that the innocent children are working for their livelihood at a tender age when they deserve love, affection, acceptance and security.

Isn’t it would be wonderful if every child gets the love of family. It’s not that someone is motivated towards child adoption but it is an internal feeling that impels a person to adopt a child.  Where the primary motivation for adopting must always be love — love that a parent has and is willing and able to unconditionally give to a child for a lifetime. This love is not merely a sentiment or a feeling, but rather a true commitment of the heart, soul, mind and body.

Child adoption - because every child needs a family

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Even if some wish to adopt a child they find numerous reasons to become a foster parent. Some refrain from child adoption because they believe that only a biological child can take care of their parents. But does it have any guarantee? Children abandoning their parents at the age when they need them the most are nothing unheard of. Instead it is the shower of love and acceptance of an orphan that make them yours and there are instances where people witnessed these kids stands out as better human and take care of their parents whenever needed.

 If you feel that you are here to make these world a better place and living lavish lifestyle and craving for more till death is not your sole goal then we must do something for these innocent kids. We have this one life why not make the most out of it. Our materialistic achievements will fade away but this happiness of being a world for someone who desperately needs and deserves will never dim your inner shine and contentment.

Celebrate child adoption

But at the end child adoption should not be a humanitarian cause aimed at “rescuing” a poor, orphaned child or “fixing” a broken child. It can be as heartbreaking as the children’s realities may be. It is equally important not to adopt in order to try to prove something or to make a point. Otherwise, it can cause a parent to bring a great deal of unnecessary “baggage” to the new parent-child relationship, resulting in unrealistic expectations, disappointment and a host of other negative outcomes.

Child adoption must be more about the child than it is about the parent. Although there is no denying the “mutual blessing” of adoption, it is essential that parents be willing to ask themselves difficult questions and provide honest answers to ensure that they are properly motivated and can thus provide the necessary foundations for a healthy relationship and a positive outcome.


Don’t hesitate if you wish to adopt a child. It will brighten up the child’s as well as your life and may inspire others, who are either reluctant to adopt or confused, to do the same and fill their world with happiness!