The major social grievances in India emerge from the mentality, which people hold in the society. Their mentality leaves others to suffer, mainly on the basis of gender. No we are not talking about feminism or male chauvinism but we want to highlight the people with a special gender, generally called Eunuchs. They are not only prohibited from the society but are also deprived of the basic human rights while often considered of third nature. In India, this is an issue with grave ethical, moral, and legal implications.

Deprived of the rights that they deserve, they look upon themselves as cursed. But ironically their blessings and curse are considered powerful enough to bring luck to fertility or even destroy.

It is sadly very true that at every stage of their existence, their rights to live and work like normal human beings are violated. They face severe harassment and discrimination from mainstream people in society and are not allowed to have any organized source of income. Hence, they make a living by dancing and celebrating in births and marriages but they often have to resort to other means to make their ends meet.

Men and women find it difficult to accept them socially with their voice so squawky and manly, dressed up as woman always demanding (not begging) some money on every occasions and in trains. Scared, fumed, disgusted and shy away is our general response to them. We ourselves need to change our mentality as well as impose the same on others. As, even they wish to enjoy and celebrate life with respect. They are humans at first and should get equal opportunities to rise and excel in their field of interest.


Whilst, there is a thin air demanding change in India, for quiet sometime now. It is the time, this issue which is always laid back needs to be raised and they should get what they deserve, that is they should be treated as normal human beings who can love, hate, progress and oppose just as you do!