Why do we keep fasts? Some may say to attain spiritual strength or for practising self restraint or may be just following like the rest. But do you actually follow it the way it should be?

As though people claim they observe fast on Mahashivratri do they willingly also follow the objective behind every fast that is abstinence? Since most are allowed to eat once they gorge on food and have more amount than what they normally consume.

Here is the list of some nutritional constituents we found allowed when fasting. It might certainly not contain all.

1. Fruits, it is you can say basic eatables allowed during fast to support oneself.

2. Potatoes, as we know it contains the maximum carb.

3. Gajar ka Halwa, the yummiest of all with all good amount of sugar and ghee.

4. Chips, Deep fried in Oil!


5. Dahi, some fluid had to be there in the course, right?

6. Sabudana Khichadi, what else is require to stuff your stomach.

7. Dry fruits, needless to say full of fats and carbs.

8. Sabudana vada,It is a deep fried recipe to include in your fasting items.

Though we have find a solution for it that is zero oil Sabudana Vadas


9. Thandai, it is the most important flavored milk to relish on the festive occasion of Mahashivratri.

10. Rajgira ki puri, it is to complete your meal with aalo ki sabzi of fast of course!

After devouring almost all of the above, how can one claim that he or she is observing fast? Instead looking at the list it seems we are adding more calories than restricting one.

How many of you follow the same way? Also do let us know if you agree with the fact or not.

This is just a thought to discuss and there is no intention to hurt any one’s feeling spiritually.