All young daughters in India not only share the anger towards the rapists, but they also share their dream of achieving success in their career, their dream of becoming an independent woman, and getting loved by the people they care about. But there is one thing that is also very common with every young one and that is the common dialogues their parents shoot to them. Here we list down the common dialogues almost every Indian parent says to their young daughters.

1. “Jab Dekho phone pe Lagi rehti ho, Thoda padh bhi liya Karo”

(you always stays on phone, you can also study at times)

Waste of balance, waste of time, and mainly fear of uncultured friends!

2. “Ek hi beti hai, mein to bahar padhne Nahi bhejungi”

(You are my only daughter, I can’t allow you to go out for further studies)

What if you get spoiled!

3. “Bahut ho Gayi padhai, khana banana sikho, yahi kaam ayega”

(You have studied enough, learn cooking now,only this will going to help)

Getting skilled in cooking is a must!

Things Indian Parents Always Say To their Young Daughters

4. “Kisse baat kar rahi thi itni der se phone pe?”

(To whom you were talking for so long on the phone?)

Hope she doesn’t have any boyfriend!

16 Things Indian Parents Always Say To their Young Daughters

5. “Koi ladko ke Saath ghumte dekh lega toh Shaadi Kaise hogi”

(If you will be seen roaming with your guy’s friends then how will you get married)

The whole and sole reason for all the worries is your marriage!


6. “Kyun Baal katwane hai? Lambe Baal achche lagte hai”

(Why do you want to cut your hair, long hairs look pretty)

What’s wrong with today’s generation! Blunt cut! Bob Cut!

7. “Uncle ji ke liye chai naashta le aao”

(Serve Uncle with tea and snacks)

Let others know how Sanskaari you are!

8. “Ye pure time computer ke saamne Kyun baithe rehti ho, Aisa to kya kaam Hota hai?”

(Why the hell do you sit in front of your computer for so long, what kind of work is it?)

These social networking sites! Stop chatting to strangers!

Things Indian Parents Always Say To their Young Daughters

9. “Itni late? Kal se bahar Jana band”

(so late? No need to step out from tomorrow)

After all, what is the need of being out, late at night!

10. “Sasural me kahenge, Kuch nahi sikhaya maa baap ne bas bhej diya”

(Your in-laws will taunt that we didn’t taught you anything)

Learn it for our sake!

11. “Yeh dress achchi nahi lag rahi, dusri try Karo”

(This dress doesn’t suit you, try another one)

Guys will watch your legs!


12. “Dheere bola Karo! ladkiya zor se bolti achchi nahi lagti”

(Speak slowly, it is not decent for a girl to speak loudly)

Uuuffff! When will she understand!


13. “Kam se Kam Sari pehen ni to aani hi chahiye”

(At least, you should know how to drape a Sari perfectly)

Preparing you mentally, the time has arrived!

14. “Ab tum badi ho gai ho”

(You are a grown-up now)

Time to get married!

15. “Tu to paraya Dhan hai”

(You are anyone else property)

Goshh! Not Again!

16. “Shaddi hogi to Arranged”

(Your marriage would be Arranged marriage)

Don’t even think of love marriage!

I am not sure if our daughters gonna hear the same dialogues by us, but all of us heard it for sure!!