Indian weddings are insanely fun and awesome when it comes to all the great ceremonies right from Haldi to stealing Groom’s shoes. But for the wedding guests the most important things are Welcome drinks, starters, main course and dessert, basically Food.


But the most annoying thing that happens with every girl in Indian wedding is she just can’t sneak away from the Uncles and Aunties questionnaires. The silliest and same interrogation that she is put to everytime, no less than a ritual for girl!

1. You will get to introduced to all far off relatives, though it is hard to understand the relation.

But still they will greet you as if they know you from ages!

2. The Aunties will scan you from head to toe!

All aunties favourite pass time in every wedding.

3.” Kitni badi ho gai ho? “

Most Annoying Things People Say To A Girl In Indian Wedding

And their priceless expression, as if you have grown up from 2 to 25 in a minute!


4. “Pehchana ki nahi?”

I’m your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin.

5. “Bahot patli ho gai ho.”

Oh you lost 5o grams and you didn’t knew this until she observed.

6. “Kitna padhi ho Beti?”

As if they have jacks to place you! Don’t forget to take your C.V. next time.

7. “Ladka dekhna shuru kiya ya nahi?”

Why does it matter so much to them?

8. “Height kya hai? Khana banana aata hai?”

Most Annoying Things People Say To A Girl In Indian Wedding

Bang on! This is what she was waiting for.


9. ” Hmm. Baat Chalaun?”

Though you are smiling, this is what going inside you!

After an hour or some, you can get back to enjoy the wedding!