With the growing eco-consciousness, more and more people are wondering how to perform an eco-friendly decluttering project. Can this process be eco-friendly at all? Yes, it can and it’s not as hard as you might think. A lot of junk removal services have already made the switch such as Jiffy Junk.

Reuse, reuse, reuse

First of all, we’ve become very used to the idea that if something is broken, it’s beyond repair and no longer useful. But that’s not quite true.

For example, back in the day, people would never let go of old clothes. They’d hand down clothes to other family members. If there was a hole in a sleeve, they’d either mend it or cut off the sleeves to turn a long-sleeved blouse into a short-sleeved one. Dresses would also serve rather long if they didn’t look as nice anymore. They could still serve as a duster if the upper or lower part weren’t turned into separate pieces. Once clothes or even bed linen had a few holes too many to mend, they’d use it as rags for cleaning or dusting. 

If you find clothes that don’t fit you anymore or which you simply don’t like wearing another day, find someone who’d take them. For quick and easy junk removal, you can also just donate them.

eco friendly junk removal by paper


A chair with a broken seat is usually definitely a case to get rid of. However, you could check if you’d not find a planter that’d fit right into the spot of the seat. Furniture of all styles is usually re-usable for a very long time if it’s from quality materials. Wooden furniture can be upcycled to different items. 

You can turn a chest of drawers into a wine bar or simply give it a new coat of paint. Old nightstands often perfectly serve as cat hammocks just like the casing of old computer screens. For upcycling, you’d have to think a bit outside the box. Think about what you could need first and then look at the item you currently have no other use for.

If you’re not as creative or can’t think of something, you can give old furniture away. There are tons of people out there who always look for old pieces to give them a new purpose with some DIY magic. 

Sell your junk

To you, it might just be junk that you pulled out during decluttering. But someone else could see some value in it. Before thinking of dumping clutter, try to sell it first. You may not get as much for it as you’d hope, but you’d still get a bit for it. The huge advantage of selling bulk items is that people come to pick them up. You only have to open the door to them and not worry any longer about how and where to get rid of it. Take advantage of buy and sell groups on social networks. If you don’t want to take pictures and offer them online, you always have the option of setting up a garage sale. And if no one has interest in your sale items, put them forward as donations.


You still don’t have to make a trip to the dumping site or call a junk removal service. Charities may accept some of the items that are still in good condition. Wipe your items and ask them whether they’d be interested in books, clothes, kitchen appliances, or even furniture. Most of the time you can bet the answer is yes. Some charities sell donated items at their own thrift store to collect funds for their cause. Others simply give it to people in need. Have a look at which organizations there are in your area. Often, they can send around a team to collect your donations.

eco friendly junk removal


Recycling isn’t much of a new concept and pretty much every neighborhood has different dumpsters for recycling. However, there are recycling plants where you can directly drop off your stuff. All you have to do is to separate your junk in advance. That means you prepare a box with paper items, another with glass items, and a third with plastic items. Of course, you can also use trash bags. If it’s a lot and the recycling plant is a bit further away, you can ask them to come around for a collection. As they’ll pay you for your junk, it’ll be mostly a free task.

Junk removal is a necessary part of any household and is never easy to do. You can make it that much easier by recycling what you can and the best ways to keep the environment healthy is to do good with your garbage. Paper recycling is an eco-friendly way to remove junk. If you are looking to do your part in reducing your ecological footprint, consider using recycled paper products! One thing that you can do is use recycled tissue paper for your junk removal needs.

reuse recycle refuse

Enter modern junk removal services

Junk removal services have put in quite some effort to reduce the amount of junk they’d bring to a landfill. Pet waste removal services are another type of eco-friendly service that can help reduce waste in landfills. By properly disposing of pet waste, these services can prevent the harmful bacteria and pollutants found in pet waste from contaminating the environment and ending up in landfills. This small but important step can make a big difference in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Unfortunately, you cannot quite avoid landfills. Pretty much every company in this field has partnered with a charity. Any item they’ve collected from junk removals is automatically offered to charities first. Well, that goes for items that are still in good condition. What they can’t donate, they try to recycle. What they can’t donate or recycle will have to end up in a landfill. On average, such services have managed to reduce the amount of junk for landfills to about 20%. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? 80% of all other unwanted items go to charities and recycling plants.

Professional services are your best bet for eco-friendly junk removal

It’s quite a hassle to contact different charities and to ask whether they’d want to take what you’re letting go of. Not everyone has got the time to put their mind to it on top of sorting out junk for recycling plants. Junk removal services take care of all these steps for you. 

You don’t have to worry about E-waste either

E-waste has become quite a problem and we can expect more problems with old solar panels in a couple of years as well as lithium batteries. These items are made with toxic materials. Consequently, they need special procedures once they’ve outlived their use. Professional cleanup services know what to do with E-waste and where to bring it.