Having a wonderful sex life is one of the greatest delightful gifts you can provide for yourself. The general misconception is that it’s up to your partner to ensure that you experience a pleasure. Although you should communicate to your partner what pleases you. It takes time for them to understand and explore with you, the onus is to experience sex holistically. If you’re off-balance, it might not matter how much effort your partner puts in; you might still be left unsatisfied.

One of the ways you can improve your sex life is by enjoying regular professional massages. The effects of massages directly intertwine with your sex experience, and here are some of the ways this is so:

1. Increased Physical Flexibility

The more flexible you are during sex, the more positions you can explore, and the more you may increase the intimacy sessions as you won’t tire out quickly. During day-to-day responsibilities, your body experiences strain and tension. For example, when you’re working, you apply concentration levels, leading to muscle tension and strain, particularly if your job requires manual labor. Even if you work at a desk, the long periods of sitting and slouching over the desk lead to physical tension, reducing flexibility.

One of the benefits of a massage is that pressure is applied to the body parts that are experiencing tension. Masseuses will ask you how much pressure you’d like to have applied to your body during the massage session as you determine just how tense you are. They work through the tension, ironing out the hardened muscles; they facilitate blood flow that may otherwise have been restricted, hence flexibility difficulties during sex.

If you’re struggling with being physically flexible during sex, it may be because of all the tension you’re carrying. Take a deep breath, unclench your jaw and drop your shoulders while searching for the best possible massage therapists at  https://www.modernmindbodymassage.com/ or on any other website. 

2. Sexual Mindfulness

If you find that during sex, your mind wanders, you may be struggling with being mindful; meaning being fully in the present. The more your mind wanders, the less you embrace sensations that heighten sexual experiences. Regardless of how your partner seduces all the parts you may have communicated that you enjoy, you may not enjoy it as long as you aren’t in the present. One of the main causes of the wandering mind is stress. You may be stressed about your job, finances, and other responsibilities, which are all valid reasons to be stressed.

Getting a massage may help relieve stress not only because of the pressure points that are soothed during the process but the environment in which you enjoy the massage. The serene, classical massage spaces that ooze with aromas may help lower your stress levels. You can then carry this relaxing effect into your sexual space, meaning you enjoy being mindful of the experience rather than wandering off into thoughts of responsibilities.

3. Intimacy

You can consider experiencing a couples massage for heightened intimacy. You’ll be side by side enjoying the relaxing effect of the massage, the environment, and the surrounding scents. You can take this time to speak to each other or simply enjoy the silence and bliss of the experience.

Later you can transfer that energy from the massage parlor into your sexual space. You can take turns giving each other massages just as you experienced, and throw in sensual kisses throughout. You can purchase essential oils and candles to replicate the environment and continue the bonding experience. The more in tune with your partner, the more you may enjoy the sexual experience.

4. Heightened Sensations

A beautiful sex life includes enjoying the subtle bursts of sensation before engaging in the sexual act. For example, the sensations you feel when your partner gently touches your ears, lower back, calf, and feet may be heightened after a massage.

During a massage, blood circulation is increased throughout your body, making you more sensitive to touch than before. The heightened your sensations are, the more likely you’ll experience fulfilling orgasms, particularly if you’re female. For instance, you can include objects that also heighten sensations, such as feathers, fuzzy objects, and oil-based sex toys. The point is to continue encouraging the heightened sensations from the massage into your sexual experiences.

5.  Heightens Arousal 

One of the problems people face regarding their sex life is the inability to get aroused. Many factors come into play when it comes to arousal, including trauma, a decrease in sexual attraction, health issues, and mental health. It’s therefore important to consult a doctor when arousal is a problem in your sex life, as this can indicate underlying health issues that need to be diagnosed.

However, not all arousal struggles are rooted in serious issues. In some cases, it’s a matter of having your senses jump-started by a masseuse. It may not be that your partner is struggling to get you aroused, but certain pressure points in your body need to be catered to. If your partner isn’t a masseuse, they wouldn’t know which points need to be massaged to re-regulate your body. Once the pressure points have been massaged, you may experience increased arousal during sex.

6. Reduces Risk Of Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms, particularly in the calf, are popular during sex. It can also feel like you caught a cramp in your legs or thighs. The fact that massages help facilitate blood flow and relax muscle tensions means that you reduce the risk of experiencing these spasms during sex. Although the spasms are hardly life-threatening or debilitating, you have to stop enjoying sex for the moment that you’re experiencing the spasms, cutting the intimacy short. The more you get massages, the more you can enjoy the prolonged sexual exploration. 


One of the keys to having a beautiful and fulfilling sex life is to be physically and mentally sound. Getting regular professional massages may help enhance your sex life as your flexibility increases sexual mindfulness and intimacy. Heightened sensations and a lower risk of muscle spasms during sex; also make enjoying massages worthwhile to improve your sex life which is beneficial to your wellness.