We’ve often heard sensuality and sexuality used interchangeably. But while they may be related, these terms mean very different things and can result in very different experiences. For one, sexuality refers to a person’s sexual feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and attraction towards others. Different factors affecting one’s personality and interpersonal relations, such as biological, psychological, and social aspects, comprise one’s sexuality. 

Meanwhile, sensuality pertains more to the five senses and their gratification. As suggested by its root word, the experience encompasses sensory pleasure wherein you focus on the feel, taste, sights, sounds, and scents of your external surroundings. Compared to the more visceral experience of sexuality, sensuality leads to a deeper connection within oneself through the satisfaction of one’s senses.

To put it in another perspective, what is sensual may not necessarily be sexual. The latter is a state of mind, while the former is a state of being. 

Enhancing Your Sensual Side

Exploring and enhancing your sensuality is a way for you to become comfortable with your own body as well as appreciate what’s outside of it by sifting the experience through your senses. Here are the following ways that you can do this:

1. Practice Self-Care

In this era of fast-paced lifestyles, many people often forget to take care of themselves, much less pay meticulous attention to what their bodies truly undergo. To foster awareness of your sensual side, you must first take a step back from your worries and troubles, and draw your focus inward by practicing self-care. 

You don’t need to pay a pretty penny to pamper yourself as there are more than a handful of ways that you can let your body wind down while becoming in tune with your senses and surroundings. 

Consider some of the following ways you can practice self-care:

  • Get a Body Massage – Not only will this be relaxing but getting a full-body massage will allow you to experience different levels of pressure all over, stimulating your sense of touch. At the same time, tension is released from tight muscles and nerves. Blood circulation is also improved, which leads to increased oxygen in all your organs. 
  • Explore Self-Pleasure Sensuality may not always be about what’s sexual, but it’s undeniable that both go hand in hand. Intimacy can be part of a sensual experience, and there’s no better way to begin than by giving yourself some love first. 

While this often gets a bad rap, there’s actually a lot of benefits to self-pleasure aside from intensifying your sensual side. For one, you can release sexual tension, relieve stress, and improve your sleep as well as your body image. If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider using toys in the bedroom. Since there’s a sundry of options you can choose from, it would help to either undergo some trial and error or heed the recommendation of others. For instance, this review of the Womanizer Liberty can let you know if this is the right bedside companion for you. 

  • Soak in a Bubble Bath – Nothing could be more calming than soaking in a warm bubble bath after a long day. Aside from cleansing your body, this nightly ritual can soothe sore muscles and help ease joint pain. Take your time bathing so you can fully relax and prepare yourself for bed. You can even put on some soft music so you can have a more serene experience. 
  • Indulge in Aromatherapy – Among the five senses, your sense of smell is perhaps one of the most sexual aside from touch. Breathing in a delightful scent can generate a whole gamut of feelings, such as desire or even nostalgia. So, to enhance your sensuality, treat yourself to an aromatherapy session from time to time. You can choose to enjoy this by diffusing essential oils, lighting up scented candles, or using scented lotion or soap while bathing.

2. Find A Balance Between Movement and Stillness

Being in tune with your body means appreciating both movement and stillness, as one is just as important as the other. Movement allows you to be expansive–whether it’s quick or slow, your body in motion can act as the physical manifestation of passion and energy. Exercise can get your heart racing, but something more impassioned like dancing can awaken your sensuality. What’s great about dancing is that not only do you use your sense of touch, but you also indulge your sense of hearing when you focus on how your body flows and follows a rhythm guided by music.

If you’re not too keen on dancing, doing yoga can be a good alternative as these two disciplines share some similarities, though the latter has a more peaceful pace than most dances. Like dancing, yoga also involves having a good command of your body’s weight and equilibrium but is displayed through a series of poses instead of vigorous movements. Yoga also promotes relaxation and mindfulness, which is why your body is trained to move without the rush that often characterizes dancing.

Whether you choose one or the other, good posture will follow, which can help increase your self-confidence and sense of personal empowerment.

3. Savor Your Meal

Many people nowadays seem to be unwittingly convinced that to hurry is just the same as being productive. In this age of busy people becoming even busier, nobody stops to smell the roses anymore because they’re often pursuing the elusive satisfaction of productivity. In fact, people are in such a hurry all the time that even eating is an activity that many perform hastily. 

Not only does eating too fast stop you from enjoying your meal, but it’s also one of the contributing factors to obesity, according to a Japanese study. Hence, eat slowly and mindfully if you want to keep a trim figure, as well as enhance your sensuality. Savoring your meal intensifies your dining experience, allowing you to indulge your palate while also tricking your mind into thinking that you’ve eaten just about enough.

Enjoying a meal can, surprisingly, be an emotional experience as seen, for instance, in the film Like Water for Chocolate–one of the characters, Gertrudis, becomes so overcome with passion after eating Tita’s cooking that she runs away naked with a soldier on horseback after being filled with an unbridled attraction for him.

Instead of constantly filling your spoon mindlessly, close your eyes and be in the moment when you eat. 

Tune In

Deepening your sensual side isn’t painfully complicated. In fact, you can start with three very simple activities: practice self-care, find a balance between movement and stillness, and savor your meal. 

The important thing about enhancing your sensuality is being present at the moment and tuning in to your body. Listen to what it’s saying and let every experience flow through your five senses.