Yes, moving can be a challenge. However there is much hope for you to do well with this challenge. We, at Paramount Moving, one of the premier moving companies in Calgary, have some guidelines to help you. We have worked with many customers and from our experiences working with them, and their various situations, we have learned some great tips to help relieve the stress and burden of moving. Again and again, we have seen that when people hire professional Calgary movers, they almost unanimously agree that it was the best decision they ever made for their move. 

Here’s what we have discovered.

1. Do some research first

Before making any plans or commitments, do a bit of research on the Calgary moving companies you are considering. Ask these questions:

  • How much experience does this moving company have? 
  • Are they experienced in loading and unloading item under various conditions?
  • What kind of insurance is provided? How do they handle possible damages?         
  • How up-to-date is the equipment and the trucks? 
  • What is this company’s approval rating? Highly rated? Just average? Poor?
  • How transparent is this company with costs?
  • Looking into various moving companies first, before making any commitments, will save you much more time overall.

2. Decide on how many people you need to help you move.

  • Even though it may seem obvious, it is a decision that needs to be made early on.
  • Simply guessing how many movers you will need may be a costly mistake. Hire too few people, and the move will take much more time; hire too many and you may get the move done quickly but with the added costs of having extra movers. This is where getting a free quote from one of the reliable moving companies in Calgary will help you. Our staff at Paramount Moving can assess your moving needs and give you an excellent estimate of the total cost of the move.

3. Think through the packing process

When it comes to your packing needs, always think “quality” over “expense.” Buying good packing boxes may look expensive, but defective, damaged, or poor-quality boxes that fail to protect your belongings can be even more costly in the long run. We suggest you avoid moving clothing in dresser drawers and loading up kitchen appliances with other objects.  As one of the more experienced moving companies in Calgary, we recommend that you reduce your moving stress even more by taking advantage of our full-service packing package. Even so, here’s a checklist to  consider:    

  • Boxes: sufficient quantities, various sizes and shapes, strong, clean, good quality
  • Tape: different kinds, strengths, sizes, and lengths
  • Labels: easy to apply to boxes, easy to read, durable, various colours
  • Packing materials: sufficient quantities and types                                                                        
  • Rope, cords, string: sufficient kinds and thicknesses for different needs.                               

4. Walk through the move: use your imagination

Imagine Moving Day: be realistic about what will happen and the time it will take. As experienced Calgary movers, we encourage to think thoroughly about these things:

  • packing your belongings, including furniture disassembly and then reassembly
  • a final clean-up of your residence 
  • loading the boxes and crates (elevators may be involved)  
  • driving to the new location 
  • unloading at destination (more elevators may be involved)
  • preparing your new residence for the arrival of the boxes.
  • Unpacking the boxes…and the final handshakes goodbye.             

All these aspects of the move takes time and can be costly if you fail to remember important details as you plan your move.

5. Plan for the day In addition to the possibility of child or pet care on that day, there are other tips we can pass on to you.  

Think about having a person in charge (possibly a spouse) at your new location to help with the move. This person can:

  • Make arrangements for where the moving trucks park and for elevator access
  • Show the movers where the boxes and crates go in different rooms
  • Show the movers where furniture is to be placed
  • If there are family or friends there, this person can organize them to help the movers if necessary

Where in Calgary can you find a trustworthy moving service?

Over the years we have been in business, we have talked to numerous customers about so many things.  We have talked to them about different aspects of the entire moving process and how to make it less stressful. At Paramount Moving, we care about the people we help and the things we move. With more experience we have discovered all sorts of ways to help you save your time and energy. We are confident, as we send out our qualified movers to handle the move you want to make, that it will be the best possible experience for you. We look forward to being contacted by you. We look forward to helping you have a stress-free experience, Go ahead! Give us a call today. Start your move off right with a free quote and see where we go from there.

We’re Paramount Moving: we move mountains – one rock at a time!