What could be better than the freedom of movement of a child? In many ways, furniture helps him, because it teaches him independence, as well as the possibility of choice. The child chooses what he would like to do. That is why there is smart furniture designed exclusively for the children’s corner and children’s development. Montessori is an ingenious solution for parents for arranging furniture and activities with a child.

This principle is used to create simple Montessori furniture to help children to develop fine motor skills and free thinking. They can replace ordinary toys for good! However, Prof. Montessori put additional emphasis on the materials of making which should be:

  • natural;
  • have a prominent texture;
  • of mild color.

Under this category, parents can find many educational toys from sliding ramps to building blocks. Each type of Montessori toy should be used during the right child’s developmental period to achieve the best results. Parents aside, these toys are entertaining and engaging to interact with children. It is advised for parents to learn about Montessori principles, how they work, and how they are implemented in toy making. The information below can help any person to buy the perfect toy for their child.

The History of the Montessori Principle

The Montessori Principle was founded on the notion that child learns through their senses and their understanding of the world around them. The person behind the study is Maria Montessori, a child doctor from Italy who lived in the 20th century. She was the first woman with a degree in that field in the history of this country. Her followers keep developing this theory to this day. You can look at some of the examples of Montessori principles:

  • encourage your young one’s desire to explore the world;
  • do not make your child depend on you 24/7;
  • respect your child’s learning abilities, and do not make them overwork just for the sake of studying.

The toys made with these principles in mind provide a challenging yet fun playing experience. You can read Prof. Montessori’s papers to learn about all the principles and techniques to foster child development.

Montessori: How Furniture Works?

Every piece of furniture has its own advantages and important principles. It is not for nothing that Montessori furniture is always singled out and placed at the forefront, listing everything else. This is effective and worthwhile furniture that is the necessity for a proper child growth and development.

Freedom of Movement

Children learn by themselves with such furniture. The thing is that no one helps them from adults. This feeling of self-reliance is so strong that the child will enjoy sitting, grabbing, crawling, rolling, standing up, and doing exercises. And he does all this himself – and this is extremely important. Freedom of movement is just what every child needs, no one forbids him to do what he wants. This is where children’s initiative and activity are laid. Thanks to this development, it is easier for the child to understand the capabilities and motor skills of his body. A child who is accustomed to moving freely should be cautious, but at the same time with self-confidence and greater dexterity.

Full Attention

The child is concentrated, he feels the manifestation of love and care, and he sees how the parent rejoices in his steps and the first moments of balance without parental hands and support.

Big Space

For the child to develop harmoniously, the space in which the furniture is installed plays an important role. So, a prepared children’s room helps the baby to explore the world on his own, in such a space he chooses for himself the details that are important to him. A variety of children’s furniture, which is everywhere, helps the child to show independent interest and interest in their actions. Here the baby can play as he wants, take the initiative and satisfy curiosity. It is important to give your child enough time to play independently.

As Emmy Pickler said: “The child must discover as many things as possible. If we help him in solving any problems, we take away from him exactly what is most important for mental development.” That is why the most important point in Montessori furniture is the curiosity of the crumbs.

What Else to Pay Attention to?

Fundamental parenting principles stand above anything Prof. Montessori used in their studies. Parenting is a challenging yet gratifying and satisfying path you are stepping into along with your child. In order to be a good parent it is important to create a learning environment for your children. The fun aspect should be incorporated too as learning through play is the most important principle of child development. The older they get the importance of the right communication increases. When applied to educational toys it means approaching the process of buying them with care and knowledge.

Special attention is paid not so much to the general appearance of the furniture as to its thoughtfulness. Accessibility, independence, and choice are the main criteria that were taken into account, are taken into account, and will be taken into account in the design of furniture for children. Every detail and every bridge made of wood is logically thought out here. There are a lot of pluses:

  • environmentally friendly product material;
  • lack of allergies in children to furniture;
  • furniture suitable for all ages up to 12 years;
  • educational and educational furniture;
  • the child’s desire to learn something new every time.

Always please your child if he made an effort and achieved his goal. Montessori furniture will only help in this case! You should watch how the baby climbs and rearranges his legs, and how he slowly learns something new and unknown. This joy should be shared by two people (mum/dad and a child), the child should see how happy you are for him. It is from these minutes that he will want to spend time behind children’s furniture as often and as long as possible. Your baby will thank you for your care and love.