Since the dawn of time, men expressed their commitment to their loved ones in the form of giving right jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. It’s to show the significant one is being valued and understood. Today, gift giving is a proven fact to strengthen emotional ties between the giver and recipient. It also means that your partner is actively participating in your relationship in such a way that they know what gifts to give you. But sometimes, serious commitment makes anyone falter to their knees. We tend to overthink and overanalyze gifts we planned to provide.

If you’re this person who wants that perfect jewelry for the love of your life or fancies a precious rock for your promotion or birthday, it’s a lucky day for you. This article will teach you what each jewelry symbolizes, what each gem represents and where is a good place to wholesale jewelry, buy them here.


It goes way back to the ancient times where ornaments were hanging with pearls and gems around the neck of each tribe, as a sign of their nativity and place of birth. The first known necklace is traced back to Iran and the Mediterranean. They referred to this as talismans and amulets. Talismans are thought to give them power upon wearing it. Meanwhile, they consider amulets as their good luck charms and to ward off negative energies.

Some researches show that giving a necklace to a person will let them remember always to think the right thoughts. It’s somewhat better to believe it like that than to look at its monetary value.


Bracelets are one of the favorite symbols of relationship to a friend. People usually give it to their close friends to strengthen and secure their bond of friendship. Bracelets are easy to be seen, and since it lies with the dominant part of our body, it creates an idea that a particular person is unique to you. Some also refer to it like an endless cycle of bonds because it goes round and round in your wrist.

Some bracelets also represent the fulfilling of desires. You and your friend, partner or lover wear it all together, at the same time, and make a wish and never take it off unless your dream comes true.


Rings are a symbol of infinity, and it goes hand in hand with an everlasting love. Giving a ring is to express an overwhelming passion for someone. Wedding rings, for example, is a symbol of promise, commitment, unconditional love and an unbreakable trust in someone. It’s ubiquitous for us to wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of our left hand.

Having a ring on your pinky finger is sometimes associated with organized crimes. It’s best known for camaraderie and is usually the best gift to brothers in a fraternity or brotherhood. On the other hand, a ring on the left middle finger means power and responsibility since it’s the most extended finger.

Now that you’re aware of the conventional interpretation of each jewelry, let us now proceed on the representation of the gemstones.


Now that you know which metal looks best, the next step is to examine what often accompanies the metal setting – gemstones. The colors of gemstones can go a long way in not only matching your outfit but complementing your skin tone, as well.


These are minerals formed for a thousand of years and used by humans for their beauty and durability. Gem cutters cut and polished this beauty of nature for the sole purpose of personal adornment. It’s typically rare, but you can commonly see this gemstone engraved on a piece of jewelry.


If your birthday is in July, then you fall into the criteria where ruby is your birthstone. Ruby is the representation of a powerful feeling for someone. It’s also a well-known rock in the Bible and Sanskrit writings.


Diamond is the hardest substance one can find on the earth. Others say that this stone attracts vigorous power. It comes from the Greek word “Adamas” which means “indestructible.” It’s a rock of prowess and forever. It’s also the mark of the 60th year of marriage.


Legend has said that this celestial blue stone is the gem of all gems. Buddhists believe that these gemstones align with universal enlightenment. It’s a symbol of wisdom, wise judgment, and spiritual insights.

Combining jewelry and birthstones can give a lot of new perspectives and ideas. You must first know your lifestyle before knowing what blend is best for you or your relationship.