It’s never too early to plan ahead for February 14th. Try out one of these Valentine’s Day gifts for the man in your life.

Is your man a little hard to shop for? Let’s face it: a lot of men are hard to shop for when it comes to Valentine’s Day. A lot of them just don’t enjoy flowers, jewelry, chocolate, or stuffed animals the way women do.

There are neat things that you can get him, though. Things that he can use in his daily life or that can lift him up when he’s had a bad day. Some things, admittedly, are just as much for you as they are for him, but that’s okay! 

Regardless of your motivation, here are a few great Valentine’s Day gifts that your man is sure to love. Click here, for more details

1. A Shave Set

You both win when it comes to giving a shave set as a gift. He gets a nice clean shave and you aren’t forced to kiss a porcupine. Unless you think the stubble is attractive. 

Again, regardless of your motivations, a shave set is something that he’s always going to need and use year round. Grab a kit that includes shaving cream and aftershave, and he will be all set! 

2. Nerdy Cookware

If your man loves to cook, then go the extra mile by getting him cookware that will make him smile everytime he uses it. For example, if you go on Etsy you can find a cutting board with Yoda on it. 

Admittedly, this is another one that you also win with because it makes it easier for him to make delicious meals for you both. It does open up the possibility of you cooking together, though. 

3. Socks 

Your man is always going to need a nice pair of socks, especially if he works on his feet all day. It’s the least that you could do to show appreciation to those feet that work so hard.

If you want to get him a nice pair of super soft ankle socks, you don’t even have to look anywhere else. You can find great deals on many online stores. If you want to gift something different, you can always get personalized ones that will put a smile on his face.

4. Bourbon-Infused Coffee

Everyone needs a quick pick me up, or else work life would just be unbearable. It’s not recommended that he drink bourbon-infused coffee before he goes to work, but after? Nothing wrong with that, especially if he’s a fan of the beans. 

5. Master Class Course

Help him live his dreams by signing him up for master courses in subjects that he’s interested in. This is something that he can have fun with and will love you for because knowledge is simply a gift that keeps on giving. 

Bonus: Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

They may not be as trendy as they were before, but handkerchiefs remain useful for many people. Some carry them for style, while many others do so for personal use. Get your man a set of elegant monogrammed handkerchiefs if he’s the type to carry one in his pocket all the time.

Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 

Getting the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for the man in your life can be a little complicated. It’s not as easy as giving him flowers, chocolates, or teddy bears. Get him a gift that he can use year round. 

Do you want to give him the gift of something handmade? Go here to see some great DIY Valentine’s gifts.