When lawyer Chantel Grant started rescuing ducks, she never imagined she would end up finding a life-long friend in Petunia, a rescue  that she found a year ago.

Living in Minnesota with her husband, Grant has never been phased by the presence of wild ducks in her backyard and around her neighborhood. However, before Petunia showed up, Grant had only been a foster parent to stray ducks. She’d never invited a foster animal to stay in her home before meeting the duck that would change her mind forever.

Last year, when a mother duck laid some eggs near Chantel’s house, the whole family was excited to see the turnout. Sadly, nature is cruel, and not all duck babies are able to stay with their families. In a plot twist reminiscent of “Finding Nemo,” Petunia was left all alone after her brothers and sisters had already hatched and moved along. Something had caused the ducks to flee the area, leaving Petunia alone and uncared for.

Luckily, Chantel and her husband were there to make sure Petunia had a forever home. But not before trying as hard as they could to find a place for Petunia to grow up alongside other ducks.

As a lawyer who’s spent years fighting to help rid her clients of debt, Chantel knows all about helping the little guy. When Petunia came into her life, however, it was more complicated. When Chantel reached out to wildlife shelters in her area, they told her that Petunia, a Muscovy duck, was classified as an “invasive species.” That meant a death sentence for Petunia if she were to stay at the shelter. Since wildlife shelters sometimes euthanize species that are not native to the region, Petunia’s fate hung dangerously in the balance. Of course, when Chantel heard about the shelter’s policy, she changed her plans. “I’ve rescued and reunited 3 other ducklings that got stuck in neighborhood pools (ignore the random girl jumping over your fence to rescue a baby duck from your pool FYI!)” wrote Chantel on Reddit, “so I was sad that I couldn’t find her family.” Instead, Chantel welcomed the duck into her home, where Petunia lives full time. Sometimes, Chantel will even take her into the office to keep her coworkers company.

When she’s back at home, Petunia has free reign of the house. Not only does she get to run around, sleep in her own bed, and have a “princess castle,” she also loves playing with Chantel’s pet parrots. But there’s nothing Petunia loves more than greeting her mom with a wagging tail when she gets home from work. Every pet owner can recognize the sheer excitement displayed by Petunia at the sound of her mom’s voice. Few of us, however, have seen such dog-like tendencies displayed by one of our feathered friends.

“When we get home from work, Petunia is there to greet us,” Grant told the animal website The Dodo after a clip of Petunia’s greeting went viral. “She is so excited anytime I come home, wagging her tail, and just loving the attention.”

Petunia also loves to cuddle and take long baths. As domesticated ducks go, she’s living a pretty cozy life with the Grant family. She lays lots of eggs, plays around, and in general livens up the household. But having a duck friend in the house isn’t all fun and games. It’s also a lot of work, especially when your feisty pal isn’t able to be potty-trained. “She’s a year old and just the best friend I could ask for.” Chantel wrote on Reddit. “Now, there’s more poop than I can even fathom, so she’s lucky she’s cute!”

We’re lucky, too.

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