There are many events throughout life that require people to reveal something, whether that’s a baby, an engagement, or something else. Some people like to keep it simple and will say their announcement outright, but others want to make it more special. Many in the latter group have been known to go too far and cause trouble for others. That’s why it would be best to use the tips discussed here, which are fun, simple, and safe for you to express yourself.

The great thing about surprise announcements that involve a lot of pomp and circumstance is that it highlights the significance. Whoever is making the reveal is putting a lot of importance on the detail that they are announcing to the world. Aside from that, it also puts emphasis on the folks who are being told of the exciting news. It means that the revealer truly cares about the new development and is inviting the recipient to enjoy the good news too.

Lighting Special Effects

What could be simpler than arranging bulbs or light strips into words to form a message before turning it on? This can be considered one of the classics and has been used by the entertainment industry for decades. Thanks to the availability of the service and the affordable materials, you can do this too. The best thing about it is that you can go as big and as crazy as you want.

The idea behind this method is simple enough where you use one or a combination of light sources. You then form letters, numbers, and signs with it where you can be as stylish and as elaborate as you want. You could make do with some simple LED bulbs, an addressable led strip, and some neon signs if you want. You could also go to town and involve emergency lights, stage lights, and traffic lights, to name a few. 

Custom Cakes

This suggestion is a huge favorite among pastry lovers who have loved ones that share their appreciation for tasty treats. You bring out the nicest, yummiest, multi-layer cake, where your announcement is scribbled or printed on the frosting. Once again, you can go crazy with this one since you are the one in control of the details. It’s a safe, accessible, and sensible way to make an announcement, which will also surprise a lot of people.

You can use this method by either making the cake yourself or having a professional handle the job. The latter is better for something elaborate like having your face printed on the surface of the cake. That kind of project will require special skills and equipment, and it’s not something you can learn without training first. More than that, if you want this done right and make the message clear, a master is the better choice.

Behind the Curtains

Then there is the classic behind the curtains reveal, where you pull back, roll up, or drop down a hanging fabric. Behind that fabric can be anything, from pictures to a video to fantastic artworks, or even live streaming. You could also use this chance to throw in some nice pops from confetti guns, party horns, or whatever. You could also use this method in combination with the lighting special effects suggestion from earlier.

One of the reasons why this method is still popular is that it can be quite versatile and it can be done anywhere. You can do it on a stage, in your living room, or even in the middle of nowhere. At a minimum, you can use a board, some pins, some tapes, some colored markers, and fabric to hide the details. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but if it’s an actual special announcement, why not aim to impress? This is even more relevant if you are celebrating an event that you intend to be once in a lifetime.

Surprise Art

You have seen videos of those people who do amazing art projects that don’t make sense at first, right? Then they throw some sand or dust on a board and reveal a beautiful depiction of a face, landscape, and more. This is one example of performance art since there are as many as creative people can think of. You could then use one of these to make the announcement that you want in a manner no one expects.

Imagine inviting your loved ones to a celebration and having an artist come out at some point to do something crazy. Then they show everyone an image of you carrying a baby or wearing an engagement ring. Now, you can do this yourself if you wanted to, but it would be better to hire a professional. It would be faster, more stylish, and will be more unexpected, thus making the surprise even more effective.

Fun and Games

Last but not least, you can do some fun and games that will then lead to a revelation at the end. There are many ways to approach this, including a neat trick where the prizes are clues to the announcement. They can be symbols that are relevant to what you’ll be revealing such as the blue treats, baby figurines, and more. It can be quite fun to see the dawning realization by people once they put things together for themselves. 

You could also include special messages in capsules along with the prizes and ask the winners to keep them. These messages will be part of a whole and once the games are all done, you could collect the pieces.


Announcing special news is fine and all, but it needs to be done right. There have been many incidents where big-reveals cause fires and injuries. In contrast, the methods discussed here are safe, effective, and simple.