The life of a single parent can be a manic juggling act and one of great sacrifice in order to do the best for one’s child. 

There is no doubt that when you have a child, particularly if they are new or a growing toddler, they require a large span of your attention. 

Hence, the question becomes “how do you take time to care for yourself, particularly your physical health, when you seem to require eyes in the back of your head?”

Then this can become more daunting if you’re a single parent – as you want a means of a support network.

Therefore, how do we fit it all in? Well, much like you plan a workout, let’s plan the time you can fit the workout into your day and be there for your child. 

A Walk in the Sun:

Many of us feel the need to get away from the cabin fever of the house, and this can be exceptionally true as a single parent. 

If your bub is feeling a bit restless, putting them in their pram and going for a walk can actually help both of you. 

A nice walk around the park or the block on a sunny day can help you fit in even the smallest 20 min segment of exercise, and it can help you to clear your mind, letting you take care of yourself, even if just for half an hour.

Group Support:

Another way you can fit your fitness routine into your parenting role is to join a group class.

Whether it’s water aerobics or a spin class, this can be a great method for your workout, particularly if your motivation is lacking.

By working out in a group environment, you are pushed more and are more willing to challenge yourself. 

In addition, many gyms have a créche where you can place your child for the period of the session

Because “when you take care of yourself, you are also taking care of your child” as it boosts your mood, creating a happier and healthier parent for them. 

Include Bonding Time into your Workout:

If you’d rather do your workout at home, you can add some affection and bonding time with your child into the routine.

Here’s a good motivation for push-ups, whether you’re a single Mum or Dad: If you’re the parent of a new bub and they are on a mat and aren’t going anywhere, count your reps by seeing how many kisses you get until you reach failure.

Alternatively, Get your Kids Involved:

If you have an older child or children, get them involved. We all know how they can exude an exuberant amount of energy, which can often leave us exhausted. However, take a second look, and learn from them. 

Walk with them to the park; observe them on the equipment and around the playground. While what they do may not be a regimented routine, they are having fun.

For a kid knows that “just because you’re having fun and not considering it exercises” doesn’t mean that’s not included. 

Visualize your Motivation:

When it comes to exercise, there is truly no point if you aren’t enjoying it and potentially don’t have a goal. 

The question to ask yourself is ‘What do I want?’ What is the purpose of your means to stay fit? 

Whether it is “to lose the baby weight” or to feel more energized to do things with your kids, keep a goal in mind for you to set as a target and don’t necessarily make it a number on the scale. 


Now, my dear readers, it is wise to acknowledge that this is general advice, and please consult your doctor before any vigorous exercise routine. 

While you fit fitness into your daily routine, please remember that it is all about your own self-care; both for your body and your mind, and that if you are healthy, your child can be as well.