Common Mistakes while Designing your First Patio

Designing your first patio is quite a difficult task. After all, creating a project that’s both beautiful and functional at the same time requires experience and knowledge you don’t necessarily have. That’s why it’s important to learn more about possible issues you might come across in order to avoid making expensive and time-consuming mistakes. This article will try to explain the most common mistakes and give tips that will help you avoid them.

#1 Choosing Aesthetics Over Functionality

A well-designed patio can improve your entire house’s general appearance, but this doesn’t mean you should focus solely on the visual aspect of this project. After all, its main purpose is to be a comfortable and relaxing living space that gives you a chance to spend your free time outdoors. That’s why it’s incredibly important to balance aesthetics and practicality while planning your patio design. Luckily, there are many solutions available on the market that perfectly combine both of these functions, so you no longer need to prioritize one over another. Let’s take lighting as an example; it’s an important element if you want to use this space when the sun is out and during the evenings. But adding multiple lighting options will not only provide visibility; you can also use them to decorate your patio and give it a unique and one-of-a-kind character.

#2 Forgetting about the Weather

There’s no denying that when thinking about designing any outdoor space, most people tend to imagine themselves spending their time there on beautiful and sunny afternoons. While it’s definitely a pleasant vision, at the same time, it’s also quite unrealistic. After all, you cannot always count on beautiful weather. Not to mention that spending time in the scorching summer sun is not that pleasant either. So without considering the weather conditions typical for the area you live in, you might end up with a patio that’s beautiful and comfortable, but one that you can’t really enjoy that often. What’s the best solution to this problem? The answer is simple – domestic awnings. By installing an awning over your patio, you’ll be able to ensure your comfort no matter the weather, and choosing a retractable option gives you even more control.

#3 Adding Inadequate Furniture to your Patio

In a way, you can turn your patio into your outdoor living room. But just because it serves the same purpose, it doesn’t mean you should design it the same way as you would an indoor space. That’s why your choice of furniture plays a big role here and can make or break the entire project. There are many furniture pieces you can buy that have been designed with outdoor use in mind. The point is that the term “outdoor furniture” is not just about aesthetics, it’s also about quality, durability, and resistance to water and sun damage. Your standard furniture won’t be able to keep its appearance and comfort when exposed to the elements, so you cannot just move your old living room furniture set outside to create a comfortable outdoor seating area.

Of course, there are many other factors to keep in mind when designing your patio as well – with the size and shape of the space you have available for such a project and your plans for it among the most important ones. Plan your patio carefully, and don’t waste your time and money on unnecessary mistakes!

4# Lack of Lighting

You might want to be outside, enjoying your backyard when it gets dark, and you want to have an exotic ambiance. But the moment can be distracted if you don’t have good lighting. Having sufficient light is a must to feel the ambiance and good lighting encourages the overall location with brilliance.

The excellent news is that there are ample of ways to light your patio. You might go for overhead fixtures as per your choice.

Make sure there is enough lighting on your patio so that every corner should be visible easily, and overall, there should be good lighting so you can enjoy each moment with your loved ones. When you do this, your patio will look much brighter and bigger. Make sure you avoid direct focus light, which may hurt your eyes, and try to choose a warm color tone light.

5# Not Hiring an Experts

If you’re planning to build a patio, and at the same time, you want it done right properly. 

Then we would suggest you spend some money and hire a professional, he/she will give a brief and a reason why you want to build a patio.

On the other side, a well-built patio can also increase your property’s resale value. If you want to sell, then it will surely going to impact. So in terms of selling, your new patio is an investment for when you finally plan to sell your property. 

Also, if your patio is poorly designed and built, it will affect your home’s overall look, and your home ambiance will not match the patio, then it could go off track with the style you expect. That’s why it’s so crucial to hire the right patio company for your property. If you need any advice about building a paver patio, click here.

6# No Plants

In planning an outdoor

room, you thought you had included all of the components: a nice deep-seating

set, a few occasional tables, and many other things. Hmmm—what seems to be

missing? Light? No, Table? No, let me tell you, it’s Plants.

How about the plants in

pots or even an urn of roses from nearby bushes?

Plants help to uplift

the mood and give a soft touch to an outdoor atmosphere. If chosen wisely, you

can even add a sweet-smelling rose or gardenia into the mix for a pleasing

experience when light winds kick up the scent in the evening.


Now you have sufficient information, how you need to avoid patio design mistakes. There’s no need to sink your money into a patio that isn’t going to worth it. 

Since we hope you know the above mistakes, it will be easy for you to invest your money in your patio without worrying.