Best Face Fillers in 2021

Skin fillers are used for injections into the skin to achieve a range of effects, such as less noticeable wrinkles, restored skin smoothness, and others. Most of such products work for a certain period of time, and then they are absorbed. So, what are good brands of fillers? If you wish to find out about the most popular injectable dermal fillers brands, read this article. It is based on an interview taken from a doctor working for a Toronto centre for advanced skin repair, who reveals the best face fillers in 2021. 


 Juvederm is one of the most popular brands of injectable dermal fillers. Over 2.4 million procedures with hyaluronic acid fillers, including this one, were made in 2016. At RM365, you can get a wide range of Juvederm dermal fillers that helps to keep the skin hydrated whilst adding plumpness.

It is capable of restoring facial contours. If you spot the first signs of aging, Juvederm is suitable for getting rid of them. The filler can be applied to the cheeks, lips, and the area surrounding the mouth. The procedure may take 15-60 min. You will notice the results right after the first visit, and they will last for up to two years. 

Each Juvederm syringe will cost you around $500-$600. The procedure can be ordered in clinics in different locations, including Toronto. 


Those looking for the best cosmetic fillers for face can surely consider Stylage. The main advantages of this filler include:

  • absolute safety
  • sterility
  • non-animal components

Stylage with Lidocaine is a good choice for those who wish to preserve their natural beauty. It is suitable for eliminating deep wrinkles. Patients will see the results right after the procedure, and they will last for up to 12 months. The costs of the treatment with Stylage depend on various factors, but generally, you can expect to spend $400 or more. 


Revanesse is another good solution for those who wish to look younger. It is an effective dermal filler, which comes with an optimal ingredient combination. It can be called the filler tested by time.

Revanesse is based on hyaluronic acid used in most facial fillers. If you choose this solution, you can expect to spend more than $500 per syringe. The price ranges depending on your location, treatment type, and other factors.


Restylane is a brand of hyaluronic acid fillers suitable for smoothing wrinkles of different depths. This filler can be used for various areas, such as lips, cheeks, and others. The procedure is safe, easy, and quick, so it can be undergone by virtually everyone. Like with other fillers, the costs of Restylane depend on many factors. Generally, the price starts at $275 and goes up to $700. 

Best Wrinkle Fillers

Even if you care about your skin regularly, you will still notice the signs of aging as you get older. Fine lines and wrinkles will eventually become noticeable. You can help the situation out by using special products, such as dermal fillers.

Today, you can find a range of high-quality cosmetic face fillers. When looking for a suitable product, you need to take into account different factors, for instance, how quickly you want to see the effects and how long you want to enjoy them. Since the choice of fillers for face is large, it may be challenging to pick the right product. Below, you will find a list of the best wrinkle fillers, which will allow you to decide on which product you wish to choose. 


It is one of the best cosmetic fillers that come with hyaluronic acid and water. Juvederm can minimize facial wrinkles, making your skin look younger. 


If you are looking for a good cheek filler, consider buying Sculptra. It will take some time to see the effect, but the results will not disappoint you. The average cost of this product per syringe is $878. If you want to take treatment with Sculptra, it will cost you around $1,500. You may need to take 3-4 procedures for the best results.


If you find your skin to lose volume, Voluma can help you out. With this dermal filler, your cheeks will look plumper. Another area it can be used on is under the eyes. The cost of this filler is up to $1,500 per syringe.


Restylane is a gel-like dermal filler that contains hyaluronic acid. It works by binding to water molecules. As a result, you will get plump cheeks with less noticeable wrinkles. 


It is a good solution for smoothing vertical lip lines. Usually, you will need to use 1-2 syringes per treatment. However, the treatment course is determined based on the results you wish to achieve.


Vollure is a great filler for managing fine lines, facial wrinkles, and folds. It can be applied in the area around your mouth and nose. 

Best Lip Fillers List of Fillers for This Zone

Lip fillers are applied to the upper and lower area of lips. They start acting immediately after the procedure, enlarging the lip volume. The result depends on the amount and type of filler.


Juvederm products are some of the most popular lip fillers on the market. They come in different variations, such as Volbella XC and Ultra XC. Both options are highly effective for making your lips look larger and prettier.


This filler can be applied to the lip area. It contains Restylane Silk, which allows enjoying softness and volume. It will accurately fill in lip lines. The results will last for up to six months. 


If you are looking for a long-lasting lip filler, Belotero can be considered a good option. The results will remain noticeable for up to 12 months. This solution contains hyaluronic acid, which works like a sponge soaking up moisture. 


Captique is a plant-based filler, which effects will be seen for 4-8 months. It contains non-animal hyaluronic acid. Being a highly versatile product, it provides maximum correction in vertical lip lines and corners. 


Hylaform is a good choice for patients aiming at adding volume to the lips. After the procedure, you will see the outcomes in a few days. This product is not suitable for people with an allergy to feathers or eggs. The effects from Hylaform will last for up to 12 months. Another option you have is Hylaform Plus. Its effects last longer.

Prevelle Silk

It is a lip filler working for 3-6 months. The main benefits of this product include a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and a low risk of unpleasant side effects. However, it is not perfect, since its effects last a shorter period of time compared to other hyaluronic acid fillers.