None of us are getting any younger, and as the years advance, the wrinkles begin to set in. Some people struggle with their self-image when this happens, and become more self-conscious. The truth is, we want to feel good because we look good, and to look good because we feel good. It can become an increasing battle, however. 

Fortunately, we are not completely powerless when it comes to addressing our wrinkles. There are both things we can do and treatments we can receive. Let’s explore some together right now. 

Consider Botox Treatment

This is a form of cosmetic surgery that has been popularised by such users as Kim Kardashian or Simon Cowell. People receive neuro-toxin injections into localized areas of their bodies. They may initially feel tight, heavy, and tender in that area. Their skin may also become red in appearance. The muscles relax over several days and such things as wrinkles become visibly reduced. The treatment is not permanent, however. People may choose to repeat the process when the neuro-toxin has left their body. 

There are many clinics that employ botox specialists. One example company is 5th and Wellness. If someone decides to go to their website they will learn that it takes between three and fourteen days for the benefits of botox to manifest themselves. The treatment can be taken by anyone aged between 18 and 65.

Regularly Exercise

Anyone wanting to reduce their wrinkles needs to be disciplined over-exercise. Part of this process is achieved by maintaining good circulation. After a matter of weeks, there should be signs of visible improvement. People look less puffy facially and lose any double-chin. Skin texture will improve, and wrinkles get under control. When our muscles are tightened and toned we will reap the benefits. 

Regularly Exercise

There are different exercises we can do (including massage) that are specifically related to the wrinkle areas. It’s well worth researching these online and trying them. We may be hot and sweaty when returning from playing sports or working out at the gym. In order to moisturize our skin, it’s important to have a bath or shower as soon as possible.  

Have a Healthy Diet 

Anyone who maintains a high sugar diet will be generating a process called glycation which fights against our skin. It degenerates our collagen levels and increases aging. Food that is high in oil or cooked by frying or grilling will also be bad for our skin. Antioxidants protect our skin from damage, and they can be found in sun or wrinkle cream. They are also found in foods such as spinach, blueberries, kidney beans, grapes, kale or spinach. 

Drink Well

Drinking is something we take for granted. If we stay hydrated by drinking around nine glasses of water a day, our skin will be grateful. Avoid carbon drinks and all those containing artificial flavorings and sweeteners. 

Drink Well

Lemon balm leaf tea has been proven in tests to increase the elasticity of our skin. This had direct implications for people with wrinkles. Alcohol may be pleasant to drink, but it actually dehydrates us. It also introduces toxins into our system. Red wine is less harmful, however, because it contains antioxidants. 

Beware of the Sun and Smoke

Anyone seeking to discover the greatest culprit when it comes to wrinkle generation will discover UV (ultraviolet light). Someone who has been exposed to the sun for a long duration of time may well end up with more and deeper wrinkles than their neighbor who stays indoors. They will also be at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Sunscreen with an over-30 rating will provide protection here, and also assist in delaying aging. 

After a session of soaking up the sunshine, a person’s skin will appreciate aftersun or moisturizer to help restore the skin. Most people know smokers whose faces have prematurely aged as a result. This unhealthy habit takes its toll upon peoples’ bodies in many ways, including their facial skin. The adverse effects can even be experienced by passive smokers – those who are regularly inhaling someone else’s smoke. 

Practice Meditation

A frowning face is a universal image of anxiety and stress. When someone is at heightened levels over time, there will be wrinkles etched into their faces. By way of contrast, the regular practice of stress management and meditation can reduce the effects of aging. Some costly face lotions include telomerase as an ingredient. It slows down the process of cell loss – the very process that generates wrinkles and aging. If a person experiences a sustained feeling of psychological well-being this will promote natural telomerase activity in their body.

Look After Your Face 

Cheap makeup is often made with synthetic ingredients that dry and damage the skin over time. It is wise to pay a little more for brands that use natural ingredients and take less of a toll on the skin as a result. Some expensive brands are plant-based, and it’s always important to check first. 

It’s important to wash our faces before we go to bed. Anyone who is too tired to remove their makeup needs to push through and do it. If makeup is absorbed into our skin it will dry it, resulting in aging signs such as wrinkles. 

Some wrinkle acquisition occurs as we sleep at night. If someone sleeps on their back, this is fine. If they sleep on their side or their face, however, they will be inadvertently compressing themselves against the pillow. This will result in wrinkles.  

Some people see no connection between the quality of their teeth and their facial appearance. Their teeth should be maintained well over the years, receiving regular checks and treatment as needed. It’s our teeth and our jaws that define our facial shape. It would be foolish to focus on wrinkles whilst letting our mouth become misshapen. 

As we have seen, the process of aging is inevitable. Fortunately, there are things we can do to reduce the process, by either natural means or botox. It’s important to well maintain every aspect of our lives, including our bodies. After all, they are home for what is most important of all: our beautiful inner selves.