Think someone with a great figure can eat whatever they want? Think again. Check out these other benefits of eating well on a healthy diet.

We all know we’re supposed to eat a healthy diet. But only one out of every 10 Americans eats the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

If you’re wondering what the federal dietary guidelines are, you can download a copy here.

But if you think someone with a great figure and perfect skin gets it by accident, think again! Eating well is the key to looking and feeling your best. And a healthy diet has other major benefits.

Wondering what they are? Keep reading for 5 benefits of eating a healthy diet.

Increase Your Life Span

Eating a healthy diet is one of the best ways to enjoy a long life. Why? Because healthy foods help with disease prevention which leads to longevity.

Along with vegetables and fruits, most people don’t consume enough healthy fish. What types of fish are best?

  • Salmon
  • Cod
  • Sardines
  • Tuna

These are a few types of healthy fish. Did you hate fish as a kid and you loathe trying it now? Try it anyway!

You should eat fish three times a week for the most benefit.

Disease Prevention

Studies show that diets high in fiber-rich, healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables help fight disease. Which types of disease?

  • Type-2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Diverticular disease
  • Obesity

Vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes are all fiber-rich healthy foods. Eating these foods also gives your body the necessary vitamins and nutrients for disease prevention.

Weight Control

Although exercise plays a part, diet is the biggest factor in controlling your weight. Vegetables and fruits contain dietary fiber. Fiber helps you feel more full for a longer period of time.

Vegetables and fruit are also some of the healthiest foods you can eat. They’re full of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants.

Look Younger

Some foods are as close to the Fountain of Youth as you can get!

Many foods are even called anti-aging foods. What are they? Learn about some of them here: .

These foods hydrate your body and reduce wrinkles in the process! Many healthy foods also contain collagen and omega-3 fatty acids.

Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids which help keep skin supple and smooth.

Save Money

Processed foods are expensive on your budget and your health. Eating a healthy diet means fewer doctor and hospital visits. That saves you out-of-pocket costs.

If you’re obese and unhealthy, you could be denied life insurance. Or you could pay twice as much as a healthy, non-obese person.

Eating Well Pays Off

Eating well pays off in many ways. Eating a healthy diet gives you longevity. It also helps in preventing many fatal diseases.

A good diet makes it easier to keep your weight under control as well. And a real bonus is how much younger you look when you’re eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

And if those benefits aren’t enticing enough, how about all the money you’ll save? If you’re not already eating well, it’s time to start!