If you want strong and vibrant hair, you need to build healthy hair care habits. Maintaining good hair care habits will keep your tresses shiny and gorgeous at all times. 

Say goodbye to bad hair days with these six hair care rules.

1. Change your hair-washing habits

Washing your hair removes dirt and sweat from your scalp, but it also strips it of its natural oils, which keep your locks healthy. 

Yes, over-washing is a thing. If you like to color, bleach, or chemically treat your hair, you can damage your hair if you wash it too often. 

Try to fit your washing habits to your hair’s natural texture. For example, you can wait longer before washing if you have thick, curly, and coarse hair. You can deep clean with a clarifying shampoo that hydrates your hair, too.

Straight hair gets oilier faster than curly hair. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair every other day. Ideally, you shouldn’t go over two days without washing if you have straight hair. 

Meanwhile, your washing habits should also change if you’ve dyed your hair. Don’t wash it every other day as this can dry out your tresses and fade the color. Avoid shampoos containing sulfates and silicones. 

2. Hydrate your hair

Pick the right conditioners, too. Don’t use thick conditioners if you’ve got baby-fine, straight hair as they tend to make your locks greasy and heavy 

Unless you have long locks, you only need a nickel-sized drop of conditioner. Start from the middle of your hair to the ends. Make sure to get conditioner all over your scalp to keep it hydrated. You also want to distribute the product evenly on your scalp, and you can use a wide-tooth comb to achieve this. 

Leave your conditioner for a full minute before rinsing it off thoroughly. Wash your hair properly to prevent product buildup. 

3. Make time for hair masks

Take some time out of your weekly schedule for an at-home hair treatment. Getting hair treatments is very important, especially if you have dry, frizzy, or damaged hair. Use hair masks to moisturize your hair, tame frizz, and prevent hair breakage. Treat your precious locks to a hair mask treatment at least once a week. However, if you use hot tools regularly, you can use hair masks more frequently. 

Some hair masks strengthen your hair while nourishing your scalp. You can leave the product on your hair for a few minutes to several hours, depending on the product and your hair type. 

You don’t need to spend a lot on a hair mask. With the right ingredients, you can make one in your kitchen. There’s a wide array of DIY treatments out there, including coconut oil hair masks. You can find the ingredients for coconut oil hair masks easily. These ingredients are also natural and budget-friendly.

Aside from coconut oil, you can also find other hair care ingredients in your kitchen such as bananas, eggs, and honey. According to a 2011 study, bananas contain antimicrobial properties that reduce dryness and eliminate dandruff. Egg yolks contain folate, biotin, as well as Vitamins A and E, which support hair growth, while egg whites contain proteins that strengthen your tresses. Meanwhile, honey seals moisture in your hair and stimulates skin cell growth.

4. Protect your hair from the sun

Just like your skin, your hair is also vulnerable to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Make sure to use sun-shielding formulas on your hair to protect it from sun damage. Some products have UVA and UVB filters that protect your hair without leaving a sticky mess. 

Leave-in conditioners with SPF keep your hair color bright and vibrant without drying out your strands. At the same time, these conditioners keep your hair hydrated despite the heat, preventing damage and frizz.  

Want hair that looks natural, has more shine and is more manageable? Try using an anti humidity spray. This would seal off hair from moisture in the air and prevent it from fluffing up.

If it’s too hot, wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp from sun damage. Don’t wear baseball caps, though. Instead, wear wide-brimmed hats since they cover more space on your head while also protecting your face and neck.

If you just came from the pool or the beach, keep your hair hydrated all day long by rubbing nourishing oil on your damp hair. 

5. Brush your hair properly

Sometimes, even the way you brush can harm your hair. If you brush your hair too aggressively, you can expect split ends.

Don’t just brush your hair from root to tip, either. That’s the wrong way to brush your hair, and it can damage your locks. Instead, start from the tips of your hair, then work your way to the roots. Keep this in mind if you have long hair. 

You should brush your hair twice a day—first in the morning, and then before bed. Spend about a minute each time. Make sure to use different brushes for dry and damp hair. Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage. So, use a proper brush to prevent strands from snapping.

6. Change your pillowcases

You might not expect this advice, but you should also invest in high-quality silk pillowcases if you want to take care of your hair. The friction between your hair and the fabric can damage your hair while you sleep. So, swap your cotton pillowcases for silk ones to reduce this friction and protect your hair.

Also, bundle up your hair in a loose topknot before you go to bed. Use a scrunchie instead of a regular elastic band so you won’t end up pulling out strands in case you toss and turn in your sleep. You can also braid your hair if you have thick or textured curls.

Haircare doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive. You don’t need to buy all kinds of hair products—just pick the ones that are right for your hair. No matter the texture of your tresses, follow these tried-and-tested rules in handling your hair with care so your locks can stay healthy and strong in between salon trips.