There is no doubt that a wedding invitation is one of the main elements of a wedding. Guests should receive something special and unique that stands out to inform them of the big day. It is also nice to add a personal touch to wedding cards.

Nowadays, with so much technology in place, you can create customized wedding cards to showcase your creativity innovatively. Break through the barriers of tradition with something that will make the guests feel special.

Whether you print paper invitations to be sent in the post or create online wedding invitation cards, you can customize everything from the paper to the content you create.

Experiment with different shapes and materials to make your wedding invitation cards even more attractive. If you find that you are good at it, why not start your own business of making and selling wedding invitation cards to order?

Get Creative with Unique Wedding Card Designs

Making wedding invitation cards is easier than you could have ever imagined. You need first to decide whether you are going to create paper or virtual wedding invitation cards. There are countless designs you can make. For design inspirations you can check out amazing designs at

Download a Reliable Wedding Invitation Maker

There are several free programs that you can download to create wedding cards and invitations for other events. Everyone isn’t a graphic designer, and you don’t need to be one. You can use reliable invitation maker software to get the job done. Click here now for options.

Great Wedding Invitation Designs

After downloading an excellent program to create your wedding invitations, now you can start creating them. But you need to decide on a design, and you may find it challenging to choose a suitable one. Here are a few great ideas to get you started:

Techno Invitation

Here’s an invitation for those tech-lovers out there. It comes with some necessary details, but a QR code is also printed. If the recipient scans the code, they will get more information on the event and additional images and photographs. 

It can even be linked to multimedia to showcase some videos. You can incorporate Google Maps to provide directions for the venue and even a system for clicking the RSVP response options. You can choose different colors for your QR code. 

Newspaper Invitation 

This card comes designed like the front page of a newspaper. It contains regular headlines, and the name of the newspaper is on a wedding theme like “Wedding Post.” It is an ideal invitation card for journalist couples.

The photographs on the newspaper page are those of the couple. Stories and reports are amusing anecdotes about the couple. The cover story contains all the details of the forthcoming wedding like the date, time, venue, etc.

Jigsaw Puzzle Invitation

The hope of all those who get married is that the missing pieces of their lives’ puzzle will finally fall into place. This aspect of marriage can be appropriately depicted in the uniquely-created wedding invitation.

Everyone enjoys solving a jigsaw puzzle. So, when this invitation arrives in different pieces of a jigsaw neatly packed in a box, the recipients will have a good time piecing the jigsaw puzzle together to be able to read the complete invitation.

Invitation Balloon

Usher in the party spirit with these invitation balloons. The invitation is printed on a balloon, but you can’t see anything until you blow it up to display all the wedding details like the venue, time, place, and so on.

The guests will have a fun time blowing up the balloon invitation, and if there are any children at hand, even better. The kids get to play with the balloon once the adults have taken in the details. But don’t let them burst it until you’ve read it!

Passport and Boarding Pass Invitations

This type of invitation is also quite a popular theme. The invitation is designed like a passport. The country name field contains the names of the couple. When you open the passport page, the various stampings have the details like venue, date, and time of the wedding.

The invitation comes in two parts, the passport, and the boarding pass. The boarding pass is for filling in RSVP details to post back to the sender.

Calligraphy Style

Calligraphy or the art of decorative handwriting adds a touch of class to any document. Why not use it to make a classy wedding invitation card? You can have these wedding invitations handwritten, or you can use computer-generated fonts. 

You can also add some embellishments like designs that complement the beautiful strokes of the calligraphic letters. If you choose a watercolor design effect, it will create a fitting finishing touch to the wedding invitation.

Countdown Card

Here is another fun interactive card that guests will enjoy receiving and using. Those closest to the one who is getting married are likely to count the days to the big event. This wedding invitation comes with dials that help them to count.

The rotating disc on the card displays the number of days left for the wedding. The invitee needs to move the disc daily to see the days left shown in the window.

Wooden Invitation

Here’s a wedding card for the environmental-conscious. Yes, it is a card made of thin wood. The wood’s subtle grain pattern creates a pleasing backdrop to the printed content containing the details of the impending wedding.

This wooden wedding invitation card is something that has a pleasant rustic look. Recipients of this type of wedding card will avoid throwing it away and may keep it as a display item in their living room long after the wedding is over.

Create Customized Videos

If you are creating customized online wedding cards, you can download video editing software from websites like InVideo. You can insert impactful video intros to your videos and make them more professional-looking. 

You can make top-class videos for your online wedding invitations to make them stand out among all other categories of invitations being created and circulated. Make a first and lasting impression by using appropriate video editing software.       

Make Your Wedding Cards Stand Out with Unique Designs

We have provided just a few ideas for creating wedding invitation cards. Once you start trying out these ideas, you are sure to get some ideas of your own. Get adventurous and do a bit of experimenting with different materials.

Even if you make online invitation cards, you can insert humorous and witty videos by downloading video editing software from websites like You can create the best possible wedding cards by using these ideas.