Many women would love to see themselves in nice lips as such of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. In the old days, people didn’t have an option but to live the way they were born. Plastic surgeries and other medical procedures weren’t available to change the size of one’s lips. Fortunately, the invention of these procedures came to help those who want to increase their lips’ size.

If you want to make your lips plumper, you can book an outpatient appointment with a doctor to get lip injection Beverly Hills in less than an hour. You may choose to have a small amount of the filler injected into your thin lip to test the results. If you feel your lips are too thin, you can double your lips’ size and achieve optimum beauty.

Having an injection procedure is a safer option for cosmetic surgeries that might expose you to other risks. Cosmetic/plastic surgeries involve the use of silicone implants. Surgeries are more permanent but are irreversible if you don’t like the results.

Types of Lip Injections.

There are different types of lip injections that consumers can use. They mainly vary in the way they work or react in human bodies. The three main types of lip injections include:

  1. Human Collagen.

This is one of the most affordable lip injections that offers its users long-lasting results. Human collagen injections don’t result to allergic reactions like the bovine collagen. Human collagens are derived during operations or from cadavers. They are highly compatible with human bodies, and their result is excellent. 

  1. Bovine Collagen.

The difference between bovine and human collagen lip injections is that some people develop allergic reactions when they use bovine collagen. That is why doctors conduct allergy tests to patients who want to use the bovine collagen before they proceed with the lips injection procedure. Amazingly, it’s cheaper than hyaluronic and human lip fillers. Some people prefer it for its low cost.

  1. Hyaluronic Lip Fillers.

Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in human bodies. This substance is available in tissue and joints and can be extracted. When you use it for lip injection, it bonds with water molecules to naturally plump and moisturizes your lips. Similar to human collagen, this injection doesn’t cause allergic reactions to the users.

Benefits of Getting Lip Injections.

As days go, more people choose to use lip fillers Beverly Hills to improve their facial appearance. If you want to look younger, consider visiting a specialist who can professionally administer these injections in Beverley Hills. You will automatically get a facelift and look more beautiful.

Many women want to have fuller lips in recent days, and doctors have also learnt to specialize in these procedures. Although some women have naturally enhanced lips, others will require to increase their lips’ volume to improve their facial appearance.

People have several non-surgical lip enhancement choices. If you don’t prefer injections or surgery, you can opt for less invasive products such as creams, glosses, and gels, helping you enhance the lips.

In most cases, users of these products irritate the skin around the mouth and may cause swelling. Other products will also make your lips to shine by using light reflection. This reflection gives the impression of fuller lips.

Some people use enlargement pumps to increase the volume of their thin lips. Enlargement pumps are devices that pull the lips outward and put fluid into the specific area hence achieving lip fullness within a short period. Surprisingly, these devices are inexpensive, and thus you can find and use them any time you need to enhance your lips. However, plumping is required to make the lips more attractive. Again, it would be best to use creams whenever you apply enlargement pumps to keep your skin moist during the process.

Gels and creams offer temporary results but are a great option if you are on a small budget. They are usually inexpensive, and most people can afford them compared to medical procedures that require specialists.

Most people who want to have fuller lips prefer to get a permanent solution for their naturally thin lips. Lip injections can reduce some fine lines (wrinkles) on lips and increase their size. The doctors inject the thin lip(s) with fat, collagen, or acid to effect the change. Some doctors will also use silicone, although some patients have previously experienced some slight side effects after using this substance.

For your lips to stay nice and plump, you need to repeat the injections routinely. Results from injections will last for about three to twelve months. Unlike surgeries, patients resume their daily activities immediately after injection, and the risk is also minimal. The recovery takes a maximum of three to seven days, and results are almost immediate.

As I said earlier, allergic reactions are limited. However, you are likely to experience other complications such as lip asymmetry, infection, or bleeding if you don’t involve experts. Professionals will always offer the best lip injection Beverly Hills service to achieve your desired lip size. With experienced doctors, these complications are limited. Patients must also follow the doctor’s advice for the best results.

Before booking an appointment with the doctor and paying for any procedure, it would help if you researched thoroughly. If you plan to use gels, the most important is to keep the lips dry before applying it for the best results. If the procedure is done correctly, you will achieve a new facial appearance with plumper lips.

In Beverley Hills, lip injection experts will always strive to fulfil your needs in a comfortable and professional environment. They will improve your natural lips by making them more proportionate.

Don’t sit to envy your beautiful friends walk high with confidence when they have a stunning facial appearance. Book an appointment with lip injection experts if you are within Beverley Hills, and you won’t regret your time, money, and more so the results you achieve.